"It was a terrible, powerful explosion. I heard screams and shouts. I pulled one woman out of it, then a girl, then a boy. Everyone was injured. The boy's legs did not move. He shouted. My hands were shaking. I was covered in blood,” – he remembered.

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Dmytro decided that he had to get out of Mariupol, although the city was cut off on all sides. He came up with an unusual plan - to swim to safety.

He found his fishing waders, which were previously used to dig up worms. He took 2 garbage bags to tie around socks, some ropes, and four 5-liter plastic bottles to use as buoys.

Dressed in an improvised suit, according to Yurin, he went on foot to the beach.

The man said he waded along the sand and then plunged into the water. He swam 150 meters, parallel to the shore, and headed west. The water was very cold.

“My teeth chattered. I hid behind one of the bottles so that no one could see me. Sometimes I rested on a buoy,” – he said.

The red dots on the map indicate the places where he started and where he finished / The Guardian

He swam for 2.5 hours. The 4 km route passed the Russian positions in the village of Rybatske and to the village of Melekine, which was a beach resort before the war.

Yurin was shaking from the cold. Then he found an elderly couple who took him in, gave him vodka, and a plate of borshch.

The village of Melekine was under Russian control. With the help of a neighbor, Yurin has managed to get on a minibus bound for the port in Berdiansk.

According to him, Russian soldiers at the checkpoint ignored him. "They were 17 or 18 years old". From Berdiansk he managed to move to the territory not occupied by Russians. Now the Mariupol resident is in Lviv.