He is known for his struggle to preserve the Protasiv Yar in Kyiv. An activist who took an active part in the Euromaidan, together with other students, suffered from the Berkut on the night of November 30, 2013.

In 2018, he headed the initiative "Let's Protect Protasiv Yar", and in 2019 - the public organization of the same name.

After the full-scale invasion of Russia, Ratushny volunteered to join the ranks of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, and created a unit of "Protasiv Yar". He first defended Kyiv, later acted in the Sumy region, and participated in the deoccupation of settlements in the region.

Roman Ratushny was born on July 5, 1997, in Kyiv. He was the son of a writer Svitlana Povalyaeva, and Taras Ratushny, a journalist and activist of the Save Old Kyiv movement.