Prague organizers of Forum Karlin replied on their Instagram chat that the concert of the Ukrainian singer, who now lives in Moscow, was canceled and the posters are no longer available. Ani Lorak's performance is also no longer listed in the list of events in September - October on their official website.

In Germany, protests against Ani Lorak's concert are expected

At the same time, Ani Lorak’s concerts are still planned in Germany, against which the Ukrainian community is ready to protest. Ukrainians living in Germany and German activists who support Ukraine in its struggle against the Russian invasion will join the action.

Concerts are scheduled in Hamburg, Dortmund, and six other cities. The Ukrainian community considers the singer a traitor because of her performances in Russia and the absence of condemnation of Putin's war against Ukraine.

Silence of the singer about the Russia's against Ukraine

Ukrainians are outraged by the fact that the singer Ani Lorak refers to herself as the most titled vocalist in Ukraine. Since she remained on Russian soil, performed in the nation that was waging war on Ukraine, and did not denounce the Russians' war crimes from the start of Russia's full-scale war with Ukraine.

Ani Lorak only called for an end to the conflict on the sixth day of the war and only after receiving lots of criticism from Ukrainian show business stars. However, in her statement, she made no mention of who started the conflict, whose forces invaded Ukraine, or who is firing missiles at peaceful Ukrainian cities.

The artist, who has a lot of Russian fans, decided to keep silent about the war, and silenced the genocide of the Ukrainian people. She suddenly disappeared from the public eye after the outbreak of full-scale war and canceled her concerts.

What is the real purpose of Lorak's concerts in Europe?

Ani Lorak only now decided to resume her concert activity. Karolina plans to perform not in Penza, Kostroma or Saratov, but in the Czech Republic and Germany. She decided to come with a tour to Europe.

However, Ukrainians are wondering what is the real goal of the pro-Russian singer? Why did she choose Europe and why now? Is the commercial benefit from concerts the main goal of the singer?

Right now, after the defeats on the battlefield in Ukraine, the Russian authorities are trying to put pressure on European leaders and sway the mood of the European public towards an agreement with Moscow. Ani Lorak, as a Ukrainian, can become a convenient tool to spread the message of "peace at any cost", of course, forgetting about the war crimes of Russia.

Appeal to the organizers of Ani Lorak's concert in Prague