More than 100 participants, including journalists and politicians, attended the presentation at the Lyon Town Hall. Collectif 69 planned the event in support of the Ukrainian people who are suffering as a result of Russia's aggressive war.

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Russian imperialism, which "threatens the peace of the world", was denounced by Edwy Plenel. This fact that the invasion of Ukraine makes us face, according to the author, is "imperialism of mission, defending a conservative ideology in front of the democratic ideals assimilated to a Western decadence".

Peace in the world is threatened by Moscow imperialism – Edwy Plenel

In the introduction of his book, Edwy Plenel states that "A new imperialism threatens world peace, and it is Russian". "Russia's invasion of Ukraine has forced us to confront this reality. That of imperialism of revenge, driven by the resentment of fallen nations that turn their wounds into aggression against other nations. It is a nuclear power imperialism that has transitioned from authoritarianism to dictatorship and is now at the mercy of a man and his oligarchic clan.

The first target of this imperialism is the people's free will to decide for themselves, the choice of their destiny, and their freedom to build their future, in addition to its population, which this warlike headlong drive is diverting from its social goals and democratic demands.

We still don't fully understand why, in the vast majority of cases, our leaders, politicians, diplomats, businessmen, editorialists, and commentators failed to foresee the emergence of this specter emerging from the rubble of the USSR, offering an aggressive synthesis of communist Stalinism and Great Russian tsarism. This blindness is directly related to the emergence of nationalist, authoritarian, racist, and anti-democratic views in our public discourse."

The book "L'Épreuve et la Contre-épreuve. De la Yougoslavie à l'Ukraine" is available on Amazon in both, paper and digital formats.

Who is Edwy Plenel

Edwy Plenel is a famous French political journalist. In 2008 Edwy Plenel co-founded Mediapart, an independent online media. Since that time, he has been running this online newspaper, as president of the publishing company and director of publication. Mediapart is promoted as a digital, participative, and independent media outlet that relies only on the support of its audience. This French media operates on a subscription-based business model that ensures the objectivity of journalists' reporting while providing free access to a quality participatory club.

Mediapart is known for its strong team of investigative journalists exposing many scandals in France and abroad, such as Football leaks, the Bettencourt family succession, links between Nicolas Sarkozy and Gaddafi, and Malta files. The Collective 69, co-organizer of the event, consists of several associations, such as Association Lyon-Ukraine and the Comite Ukraine 33.