Direct speech

The first days you could still go out. However, when there was complete silence, and shelling flew literally 10 meters away from us, we barely managed to run into the shelter. Then it became scary to even go outside - we lived in a bomb shelter, did not go home.

When my child and I once went outside before going to bed to brush our teeth, a shell flew into our building. We were very scared, we heard the glass spilling. We were numb. I hugged Alina, covered her with me. It was very scary.

Not everyone will have a place to return to. Before the war we had a quiet calm area, fresh air, with not many cars. Now it's just awful, it's impossible to walk – there are only glass, traces of shells…

Values have changed greatly since the war. You don't need much to live, in fact - we do not need any luxury, nothing. To help each other, to be a human. And I want it to end sooner, everyone to come back home. And you know, just sitting down and eating homemade borshch or soup, something homemade.

Dialogue with daughter

Mom: Tell us, when were you most scared?

Alina: When the shell near the car fell.

Mom: Why were you scared?

Alina: It was loud.

Mom: Do you remember how it flew in, the walls were shaking?

Alina: I remember.

Mom: Do you remember how we went to the toilet, and the shell flew into the house? Were you scared?

Alina: Yes.