Someone just didn't want to leave the house. Someone like Dmytro. However, when he was seriously injured by a Russian missile that fell nearby, he still had to leave – by evacuation medical train.

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"I stayed at home for a month, didn’t go anywhere at all... Then, when it became quieter, on April 15, my friends and I went outside for a walk. Immediately near my house I heard two loud shots, looked at the sky ... Then I heard a loud explosion near me, I started to run home, but did not have time to reach the entrance about 20 meters," – Dmytro recalls the events of that terrible day.

Dmytro was hit by a fragment of a Russian rocket that exploded nearby. The guy says that he was conscious, but did not hear anything. He remembers only excerpts of dialogues and pictures, like from a movie.

Dmytro said that the ambulance promptly took him to the hospital, where the guy underwent 2 operations. After a while, he was transferred to another hospital, where he stayed for 3 days, and then they announced the evacuation from all hospitals in Kharkiv and ended up in Lviv.