How do I feel

It seems as if I found myself in some hellish reality show, where we are military, fighting for our lives, using every chance to survive, and the whole world is just watching an interesting story! Such scripts are used in movies and TV series. The only difference is that this is not a movie, and we are not fictional characters! This is real life! Pain, suffering, hunger, torment, tears, fear, death – all real!

Video We will always fight, as long as we are alive, – last Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol

What surprises me

Cynicism!!! Human cynicism has no limits!!! There are generally accepted rules, they are the same for everyone, certified by a bunch of laws, signatures and seals, but they do not work! Then why are they needed?

What am I hoping for

For a miracle!!! That higher powers (in the broadest sense of the word) will find a solution for our rescue! And this hellish reality show will come to end...

Higher powers, we are waiting for the result of your actions ... Time is running out, and time is our lives!

P.S. White flags, for the evacuation of civilians, are used for the fourth time, during each evacuation of people.

The price of the last evacuation is three killed and six wounded soldiers. The Mariupol garrison did everything possible to save the civilians.

We ask everyone to make every effort to evacuate the military.