Many requests for help came from there, because people were not even allowed to evacuate.

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Residents were kept there as a human shield – women, children, the elderly. People lived without food, so he decided to deliver humanitarian aid for them.

"I drove up and put the food out of the trunk. At that moment, a girl crawled into the trunk. I didn't even see her. I only saw her when I left that, a child lying between the seats, huddled. When looked into her eyes, she just said: "Save me". I experienced an intense fear then, because I understood that something was wrong, and they could look for her".

According to Kostiantyn, a 15-year-old girl was lying like that, between the seats, till the very Ukrainian checkpoint – she didn't even get up. She later said she had been raped and abused.

A 14-year-old boy was killed in front of the child, and her mother got shot. The woman bled for two days and later died. The girl herself stayed in the basement for ten days.

"When she told me this whole story, I didn't sleep for two days. I didn't go to Vorzel the next day, I just cried. I could not imagine that people could do this in the 21st century. These were 20-year-old Russians who were making fun of her. They drank, raped her, filmed it on the phone. In fact, they showed all their hatred for Ukraine on this 15-year-old girl," he said.

Currently, the girl is sent to Latvia, where she is undergoing rehabilitation.