The platform was founded in June 2010. Well-known journalists, politicians, cultural figures have been among the founders, such as:

  • Dieter Dehm,
  • Daniela Dahn,
  • Albrecht Müller,
  • Konstantin Wecker,
  • Wolfgang Pieper,
  • Klaus Dieter Böhm,
  • Sabine Kebir,
  • Jürgen Roth, and
  • Jean Ziegler.

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What wt know about the founders of

Dieter Dehm is one of the "most interesting" founders of He is the author of the songs, the music producer and the left politician of Germany. In the 1960s, acting as a singer, he used the alias Lerrin, formed by a combination of his nickname Larry and Lenin. Dieter Dehm joined the German Social Democratic Party (SDP) in 1966 when the Social Democrat Willy Brandt rose from the post of Western Berlin mayor to the German Foreign Minister.

German journalist Daniela Dahn is known for his criticism of the German unification of. Then, in the late 1980s, the most powerful critic of Germany was British Conservative Maggie Thatcher, who hated the left with all her heart from Karl Marx to the SDP.

Klaus Dieter Böhm is a co-owner of, who is accused of maintaining the Kremlin's propaganda.

Sabine Kebir spoke on April 4, 2022 in defense of Russia that had just suffered a defeat near Kyiv. Sabine Kebir wrote that Russophobia had returned to the consciousness of the Germans again, which had been a consequence of the military rhetoric of the German media, and called for cooperation with Russia.

Jean Ziegler, a Swiss socialist politician and a diplomat, a sociologist who has repeatedly criticized for his adamant support for many of the most violent dictators in the world. He expressed the full support of the Cuban Revolution and its leader Fidel Castro, whose repressive regime left hundreds of political dissidents in prisons.

All these people are united by one feature: a covert or overt support for Russia, where in power is a right-wing conservative regime, and the ultra-right ideologues-pseudoscientists are the desired guests on the state TV.

To whom did the Dieter sing in his youth?

In 1970, Dieter Dehm was recruited as a Stasi informant. A KGB report says that he has been motivated to cooperate primarily by its political views. As an unofficial Stasi staffer, Dehm provided a lot of information about the moods of the left groups of Frankfurt University, the artistic circles of Western Germany, as well as on their activities.

Open sources say that Dehm stopped working with the Stasi, but do spies ever resign? Was there a successful attempt to get rid of the past and become a politician?

In 1993, he was elected to the Frankfurt Municipal Council and the next year to the Bundestag. Dehm was forced to leave the SPD due to the disseminated information about his cooperation with Stasi. In 1996, the District Court of Frankfurt found it legal to call Dehm a Stasi informant.

Dehm was elected to the Bundestag several more times under PDS flags, but after his defeat in 2003 he joined “The Left” party. In 2005, he was elected to the Bundestag again. Since 2010 he has been the head of the Federal Working Group of Left Entrepreneurs, representing the interests of entrepreneurs.

German politician advertises the Russian Covid vaccine

In 2021, Dehm was vaccinated from Coronavirus with Russian Sputnik-V vaccine. He received his first dose in May in Moscow during a celebration of the 76th anniversary of the USSR victory over Nazi Germany, and the second, two months later, in San Marino. This became known after Dehm appealed to the district health department of Fulda to issue a certificate of vaccination from Covid, but received a refusal on the basis of the decision of the Hessen Administrative Court (VGH) in Kassel, according to which people vaccinated with Sputnik-V are not entitled to a German vaccination certificate.

The fact that he was on a business trip at the state expense at the time of the vaccination adds peculiarity to this conflictual event.

So, who is Weltnetz working for?

As an independent platform for video journalists and so-called alternative media, Weltnetz, tries to focus on forgotten topics, problems or social movements. declares the desire to offer viewers a different perspective than the mainstream media. After all, as per the founders of this platform, mainstream media cater primarily to the interests of those who get profit from war and exploitation.

Journalists and experts who publish on this media platform usually call the Russian-Ukrainian War the "War in Ukraine", "forgetting" about the fact that it is Russia that actually started it. In a strange coincidence, most of the materials are promoting the cessation of the war via de-escalation. And of course, this should begin with the cessation of weapons supply to Ukraine.

In 2014, a video was published on this platform, which spoke very gently and lovingly about Russia, which at that time annexed Crimea. They told how everything was not so clear and how in Crimea 60% of the population have Russian roots. The logic of their argumentation was reminiscent of Hitler, who annexed Austria and part of Czechia before attacking Poland.