In addition, Babakov is one of the leaders of the “Luzhniki gang” – the crime group which includes sanctioned oligarchs Yevhen Giner and Mikhail Voevodin. He is the author of many ideas on how to destroy Ukraine, an ardent follower of russian chauvinism and a real financial swindler.

Babakov has no principles and knows how to earn favors. That helped him to make a fairly bright political career and actually began to manually manage the activities of many russian industries. Adhering to the party policy, Babakov also became the deputy chairman of the commission of the Gazprom board of directors. He also joined the government commission whose main goal was to plunder the social and economic development of the North Caucasus Federal District, so the Tambov region became his zone of influence. In addition, Babakov became the curator of the development of the russian military industry, a promoter of the disgusting "russian world" in Africa, Asia and the West, and at the same time – an "investor" in the energy industry of Ukraine.

Babakov is under sanctions almost all over the world. Nevertheless, the war criminal goes on propaganda channels and calls for the destruction of Ukraine, participates in russia's acquisition of the leading mass media in European countries, and also fights with competing elites for the opportunity to steal trillions of rubles from the budget. Ukrainian law enforcement officers opened a series of criminal proceedings against him for numerous manifestations of aggression towards Ukraine. Thus, SSU employees and SBI investigators incriminate Putin's minion for encroaching on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine in several episodes at once. In addition, Babakov is on trial for justifying russian aggression.

24 Channel editorial office found confirmation of known facts, as well as a lot of new information about the activities of the sanctioned terrorist, in the e-mail dump of Aleksandr Babakov, which was provided to us by hacktivists of the Cyber Resistance team. We studied almost 13 thousand letters of the criminal, and found out how russia controlled Ukrainian people's deputies to justify its aggression against Georgia, and built influence on public opinion in civilized countries. Also got rid of, returned, and later lost again the levers of economic pressure on our state in the energy sector. Find out more about this topic in our article about the criminal activities of one of Putin's most influential henchmen.

The entire international policy of the entity, which the world calls Russia, consists of manipulation, blackmail and accusations of civilized countries of fictional violations. As soon as Russia recovered from the famine and crisis of the 90s, it began to be pumped with petrodollars. So the racist politicians immediately returned to the implementation of their imperial schemes.

When they got stronger, representatives of the Putin's regime immediately began to pretend to be civilized persons, flirt with Europe, promise cheap energy sources and talk about the reboot of Russia. On the other hand, the rashists took revenge on Ichkeria for the defeat in the First Chechen War, committed genocide in Dagestan, and prepared for aggression beyond their internationally recognized borders. In fact, not a single war crime committed by the russians before 2008 caused even a concern among the international community. Especially taking into account the fact that spy-diplomats raised their voices about the fight against terrorism, called white black and generally tried to convince the West that they were right.

During the war in Georgia, Moscow managed to assure the civilized world that it should be forgiven "a little mischief", and it will never go any further in scaling the crimes. The same thing happened in 2014: although it was clear to everyone that all the fables about "Ikhtamnet" are complete nonsense, the collective West continued to look for peace in the eyes of Putin. This is what led to the fact that the Kremlin actually got away with seizing Europe's largest nuclear power plant, blowing up the Kakhovka HPP, and generally committing many war crimes.

Putin and his minions were not responsible for what they had done for years just because of the fact that civilized countries were unwilling to go into conflict with Russia, as well as the ability of the rashists to shout their lies very loudly.

For decades of existence the Kremlin regime has so deeply launched its tentacles into international organizations that it has reduced their activities to absurdity. In addition, the russians have learned to manipulate the minds of millions of people in the West – just to be able to unimpededly seize territories, kill civilians and swing a nuclear stick in all directions.

Simplicity is the key: they opened their own propaganda media in the right countries, sent various "experts" and lobbyists there, as well as attacked social networks with bots that in one way or another delivered their narratives. In addition to many russian officials, Aleksandr Babakov, who oversaw the kremlin's relations with the spy network, was also involved in this.

After the start of the aggression in Ukraine and before the full-scale invasion, the governments of many countries began to respond in one way or another to moscow's interference in elections and other internal affairs of sovereign states. In the US and Europe, they began to shut down the Russia Today network, to clean up Facebook from russian bots, and at least somehow to fight against the kremlin's disinformation. To some extent it was possible to do this, but the influence of putin's propaganda on the countries of the collective West remained at a sufficiently powerful level.

After the start of the full-scale war, putin's regime only intensified its informational attacks on civilized countries. In some places it even tried to go berserk. For example, in April 2022, the rashists suddenly found out that there are no mass media in their possession in the Balkans, which they immediately began to correct.

This is proved by a letter from Babakov's mail, which indicates the onset of a unique situation when moscow can ensure complete control over the most influential television channels in Serbia and Montenegro:

  • B92 is the second channel for outreach and influence. It is possible to ensure from 51 to 100% ownership (news portal, radio).

  • Pink is the major private company. At the initial stage, it is possible to purchase a block package (25%) with a further increase to the control (51%). In addition to TV, it has a news portal and radio.

  • Vijesri is one of the three most influential TV companies in Montenegro. In the shortest possible time, it is possible to acquire from 51 to 100% of the property.

According to the russian plans, together with the Serbian side, they should control the materials that will be published in the acquired mass media. Moreover, it is likely that the President of Serbia Oleksandr Vucic himself, who is mentioned in Babakov's letter as "A.V.", was going to participate in the purchase of media holdings.

Minimum number of participants. The best is direct order. It is possible to ensure the participation of A.V. in purchased assets (for payments). In your opinion. The total costs can be compared to the cost of several football players. Implementation dates – this year.

The evidence of the russian intentions to take control of the information space in Serbia and Montenegro / Screenshot from the mail of Babakov

It remains unclear whether the war criminals managed to strengthen their influence on the Balkan countries in this way. However, the pro-russian narratives on the broadcasts of the above-mentioned TV channels are currently quite powerful.

In addition to direct investments with subsequent control of editorial policy, the russians did not forget about influencing Western audiences in another way – with the help of the International Council of russian Compatriots. In the report to Babakov, written by ICRC members Mikhail Neborskyi and French citizen Petro Sheremetyev, it was indicated that in the conditions of countering moscow's propaganda in the West, moscow should use the potential of racist society abroad. For this purpose, the website of the council was turned into a full-fledged information resource, with the help of which the kremlin influenced the audience with combat propaganda.

Racists pointed out that ICRC is accredited by the United Nations Department of Public Information. It has a special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council, "which increases interest in the posted information."

The ICRC membership network consists of more than 160 organizations of Russian compatriots in 53 countries. Practically all organizations have their own websites and pages in social networks, where materials of ICRC are published.

Moreover, the authors of the document claimed that with the appearance of the English-language version of the web site, they will be able to increase their influence on public opinion in Europe, America and other regions of the world. At the same time, the collective West will probably not be able to accuse racist web portals of spreading propaganda, since "the council is independent and is not financed from the russian budget."

The project of transforming the website of the International Council of russian Citizens into a tool of combat propaganda / Screenshot from Babakov's mail

In the subsequent correspondence of the deputy head of the State Duma it states the need to allocate budgetary funds for the project (indeed – such a completely independent portal). At the same time, the portal's annual budget has almost doubled: from an estimated 6 million rubles to almost 13.

Estimated cost of the informational resource, which was meant to influence the western auditories / Screenshot from Oleksandr Babakov's mail

In addition, in order to promote propaganda abroad, the kremlin decided to create a whole dictionary of new language. For this purpose, back in April 2022, a club called "Humanitarian Reactor" was created. During the meetings experts were supposed to develop terminology regarding the negative activities of the USA, the West, and other countries unfriendly to Russia.

The terms must meet the following requirements: 1. Have a demoralizing effect, cause a painful reaction in certain states. 2. To have a mobilizing, "uplifting" influence on the russian audience. 3. To arouse sympathy for Russia and antipathy for the West from the third countries.

An inside information for the operation of a "humanitarian reactor" for russian propaganda / Screenshot from Oleksandr Babakov's mail

The russians always used a tactic of putting other countries on the "energy needle" in order to receive dividends, political bonuses and leverage from it. The consequences of such an approach could be observed very vividly in Germany, where politicians, openly bribed with gas discounts and big money, sided with moscow for years. Thus, at putin's request, Angela Merkel closed Ukraine's door to NATO in 2008. After 6 years, she blocked the imposition of serious sanctions on russia for the occupation of Crimea and the war unleashed in Donbas.

The former chancellor of Germany prevented the USA from joining the negotiation process, introduced Putin's friend Viktor Medvedchuk to the Minsk talks, and in general did a lot to weaken Europe and ensure the support of war criminals. Instead, the rashists bombarded the Germans with promises of continuous supplies of the cheapest gas, and offered many political figures to take sinecure positions in Rosneft and Gazprom after retirement.

Even after committing a huge number of war crimes, when everyone already understood that Russia is a terrorist country that does not honor its commitments, Berlin did not recover from flirting with the Bunker Führer. More than that - it was going to surrender headlong to the Kremlin, investing in "Nordic Stream - 2" – a project that had exclusively political goals for Moscow. Its main goal was to tie the hands of Europe through Germany and obtain indulgence for a full-scale war with Ukraine, the capture of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and other crimes.

Putin's influence on Berlin was so powerful that Olaf Scholz still cannot get rid of caution and, for example, support Ukraine's accession to NATO. Or to give long-range missiles to Kyiv. Even after the russians blew up the gas pipelines, and the EU imposed an embargo on the purchase of energy carriers from the russians.

Such blackmail worked for many years. Moscow could keep the doors to the EU and NATO closed for Ukraine, kill German citizens in Berlin, but at the same time not have any serious consequences for itself. However, it was enough to stop the most powerful gas pipeline only once as blackmail, and it miraculously turned out that even the biggest supporters of Putin can exist without russian energy carriers.

However, not all european states gave up economic cooperation with putin's bloody regime. It mostly refers to some Balkan countries and Hungary, whose leaders remain huge fans of the racist policy of destroying the world. Among them – Viktor Orban. He receives russian energy supplies thanks to the exclusion of the Druzhba oil pipeline from the sanctions list, constantly adheres to an anti-European policy, promoting kremlin narratives. The Hungarian Prime Minister, being an ardent supporter of his friend-kidnapper, regularly sticks spanner in the works of support for Ukraine, blocks decisions on sanctions or simply demands that Kyiv cede its territories "for the sake of peace".

Serbian President Oleksandr Vučić did not go far from Orban. The only difference between them is that Belgrade is still not part of the EU, and therefore has much less opportunity to harm Ukraine. Similarly, Serbs and Hungarians support russia and consider it a reliable energy supplier partner. Interesting fact – even serbs and hungarians are trying to diversify gas supplies from moscow. Hungary wants to start buying "blue fuel" from Qatar, and Serbia - from pro-Western Montenegro. Nevertheless, there are countries that, despite the situation on the gas market, are on the contrary strengthening their ties with the russians. For example, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Babakov's correspondence dated September 30, 2022, it is indicated that the rashists plan to implement the BiH gas transportation system development project. The goal – to capture part of the market and minimize competition from the construction of pipelines by the Croats. Such a decision, according to the comments of russian experts, should "cure the headache" of the Gazprom CEO Oleksiy Miller, as well as prepare a bridgehead for achieving strategic goals.

To participate in the construction of gas pipelines in Bosnia and Herzegovina were supposed state companies from Hungary and russian "Zarubezhneft".

The Hungarian state-owned company agreed to cooperate with the rashists on the project to develop the GTS in Bosnia and Herzegovina / Screenshot from the mail of a russian criminal

According to its presentation, the project consists of construction of a direct gas pipeline connected to "South Stream". Also of the infrastructure construction for the production and sale of liquefied and compressed gas, as well as the direct development of gas supply for the population and industrial facilities.

Russian plans to develop their gas business in Bosnia and Herzegovina / Screenshot from the mail of the russian terrorist Babakov

Despite all the war crimes committed by the rashists in Ukraine, their unreliability as partners, as well as moscow's use of energy carriers as a political weapon, some projects of Gazprom and its affiliated companies are still operating in Europe.

And the most interesting thing is the fact that while the top politicians and managers of the gas station, pretending to be a country, are trying to implement multibillion-dollar projects to increase influence in Western countries, millions of Russians are living without gas. After all, for more than 20 years of “prosperity”, moscow was not able to allocate money for laying pipes to the barracks of its population. The reason – gasification is too expensive, let them stock up on firewood and collect debris.

Gazprom had trillions of rubles, but did not allocate a single penny for the gasification of the russian hinterland / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist Babakov

During all the years of russia's economic boom until 2022, the swamp inhabitants didn't really care about the shit they were living in. They watched various propaganda shows, where they talked about the decline of the West and the greatness of their homeland, hated Ukrainians and did not care about the fact that despite the crazy profits of oil dollars, the authorities did not do even the simplest things. In the gas station, pretending to be a country, almost no schools were opened, no roads were built, and cities far from Moscow and St. Petersburg were not developed. The state with the world's greatest unbacked ambitions was falling into an economic abyss because it produced nothing but energy carriers and missiles.

However, the russians now have to say farewell to the profits from the sale of oil and gas. And the missiles turned out to be not at all as effective as they said on TV.

The Kremlin has failed both militarily and diplomatically. It lost the main arms sales markets and showed the whole world that his army is not even theoretically capable of being compared to the forces of NATO.

The economy of the state, which was transferred to the military rails, is in complete chaos – because there is simply nowhere to get profits, and the financing of hostilities simply takes the lion's share of the budget. But with all this, the Kremlin authorities do not even try to soften the socio-economic blows for the population. In order to halt the revolt of the population, the political elite of Russia is burning reserve funds so that the real pain from the consequences of Putin's actions will be felt later. And this completely kills any hope that the terrorist country will recover from the consequences of its attack on Ukraine. However, the elites continue to spend excessive billions on foreign projects of the almost bankrupt Gazprom in the hope of something unclear.

Babakov's subversive activities did not consist only in putting civilized countries on bloody Russian oil. He spread his network all over the world. For example, when war criminals already seized Crimea and provoked large-scale protests in the regions in the East and South of Ukraine, the russian authorities tried to provoke manifestations of separatism in the West of Ukraine as well. In particular, in Transcarpathia. Relying on the "Seym of Subcarpathian Ruthenians", an organization completely controlled by the kremlin, moscow promoted the idea to “protect” this nationality from the "Kyiv regime".

In order to draw attention to a problem that actually did not exist, Babakov through the Council of russian compatriots organized an international conference in New York on the basis of the United Nations. Figures from the russian Orthodox Church helped him to do so, also employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as representatives of Ruthenian organizations from Hungary, Serbia, Austria, and Slovakia. Who were operating for the russian money.

The organization of such a conference in New York at the UN site is ready to be undertaken by the International Council of russian Compatriots, which has associate status with the UN Department of Public Information and its representatives accredited with the Department. Assistance in the organization could be provided by the Fund for the Support and Protection of the Rights of Compatriots Living Abroad.

Letter regarding the use of the UN as a platform to support separatism in Zakarpattya / Screenshot from Babakov's mail

After the occupation of Crimea and part of Donbas, after the so-called "Russian Spring", mass ethnic cleansing, redistribution of business and rampant waves of serious crimes began in the territories temporarily not controlled by Kyiv. Local militants, russian occupiers and detachments of volunteer Cossacks robbed, raped and killed, using their complete impunity.

Those who did not support the occupation of Ukrainian territories by the russians were hunted by the FSB and other punitive units. On the peninsula, war criminals engaged in persecutions of Crimean Tatars. Racists put representatives of these people behind bars under fabricated pretexts, kidnapped and tortured pro-Ukrainian activists in order to force them to cooperate with moscow or leave for the territory controlled by Kyiv.

In fact, even then, back in 2014, Russia pursued a policy of genocide in Crimea and Donbas. War criminals banned the activities of the Mejlis and the Kurultay solely on the grounds of their affiliation with ethnic groups.

Babakov, like many other empowered rashists, took the initiative to create "similar russian representative offices". He said, if the Tatars defend their rights in some way, their demands will not sound so loudly against the background of the proposals of the russians and Greeks.

Moreover, the invaders were going to hold round tables involving politicians from European countries under the pretext of protecting the rights of russians and achieving "international harmony". Of course, we are talking exclusively about kremlin-controlled figures such as Marine Le Pen, Silvio Berlusconi, Viktor Orban and other friends of Putin.

As the largest nation in the region, russians, like other peoples (Greeks), can demand that their opinion be taken into account in matters of regional humanitarian and political development. In case of implementation of such measures, the demand of the Crimean Tatars for recognition of their territorial and cultural autonomy of the Crimea will become one, along with others, a demand of the russian assembly and the Greek Areopagus.

Plans to destroy the Mejlis under the pretext of protecting russians / Screenshot from Babakov's mail

Of course, such an initiative could by no means lead to any kind of inter-ethnic friendship, because the idea of the rashists was completely different – the genocide of the Crimean Tatars with the declaration of good intentions.

The same thing happened in Donbas with those who did not consider themselves russians. However, the world did not hear the pleas for help from the Ukrainians and the Kyiv authorities at that time, because the rashists shouted louder about "bombing of the donbas". Merkel and Obama wanted to see peace in putin's eyes, and ignored the chauvinistic sentiments within russian society. And 8 years later, the rashists decided to try to destroy Ukraine in a completely non-hybrid way.

The same applies to various racist generals and secret servicemen, other oligarchs, putin himself and his entourage. While thousands of ordinary russians are dying on the front lines, kremlin elites are fighting for spheres of influence to gain opportunities to steal more effectively. Although Aleksandr Babakov can be considered far from being an ordinary rascal who in one way or another manages many processes within the terrorist state, he is a cog in the rotten system of russia during the time of the Bunker Führer. He is the personification of the russian dream. When an ordinary person without a future becomes one of the leaders of a gangster clan, a deputy and the owner of a life with incredible opportunities by the russian standards.

In fact, there are many such characters in the gas station, pretending to be a country. Ordinary russians sit in their own shit and are madly jealous of the elites, because they would also like to see a toilet in their barracks. The whole Russia is a multi-million gathering of greedy and willing to kill individuals, without any hint of remorse. Likewise, it is necessary to fight against the inhabitants of the swamps as harshly as possible, not giving them the opportunity to manipulate the consciousness of the masses and infiltrate the management of the most powerful TV channels. Because Babakov and his minions are able to easily launch their tentacles despite any obstacles, promote their own interests, calling white black, and start wars just for the sake of maintaining influence and money.