Channel 24 talked to Tatiana. She is now in Ukrainian-controlled territory, but her parents are in occupied Melitopol.

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About housing and kidnapping

Everyone who leaves the city is registered at checkpoints. The occupiers are interested in the residence registration information, because then they settle in those apartments.

People are being kidnapped. There is no any information on them. Then the occupiers also live in their homes. One man was abducted, then they came to his house, kicked his mother out of the apartment, and settled down.

"They are harassing girls"

The occupiers check hairdressers and beauty salons. If they see that the girls are without wedding rings, they cling to them. Some military are not polite at all, to put it mildly.

About May 9

It was the Soviet Union. Many people were not local. But there were enough locals. Only the military controlled the formation of the column "Immortal Regiment".

We walked in the park as if it were a normal holiday. Music. In the evening - fireworks. They also said that not everyone was allowed into the column. Some also wanted to walk, but it didn't work out. Nobody knows why so.

About medicine

There is a big problem in the city with medicine. Basically, they are also delivered from the Crimea, but the price is simply cosmic. Volunteers somehow bring medicine from Zaporizhzhia.

My friend waited for two weeks. For example, the usual "Hidazepam" costs 2,000 hryvnias.