Sources from the circle of collaborators reports about daily appeals of 10-15 people with symptoms of cholera or dysentery (diarrhea, vomiting, headache).

Read here Russian occupiers are planning to "demine" Mariupol by releasing captured Ukrainians

"There are no reagents for testing - everything was taken out by the occupiers. There are no antibiotics. People are just sent home," he said.

The occupiers restricted communication with Mariupol residents in hospitals. In Hospital №2, where the Russian military are having rehabilitation facilities, they have not been visiting the common canteen since the day before yesterday. Everything is separate.

A convoy of the International Red Cross was seen on the Left Bank yesterday, bringing 4 trucks of the humanitarian. We hope that open access will affect the situation.

The occupiers themselves are not doing anything, they have not even banned the sale of live fish as one of the biggest risks of the disease.

"However, not cholera alone. A new challenge is an insulin for patients with diabetes mellitus. Medication has a low quality and in insufficient volume. Sources say a sudden increase in limb amputations in patients with diabetes in the last week. At least two operations a day," Andryushchenko explained.