Vitalii Kim, head of the city's regional military administration, said that missiles hit the National University of Shipbuilding and four hit the National University of Mykolaiv (formerly the Pedagogical Institute) in central Mykolaiv.

Two floors of the National University were destroyed, he said, calling it "impossible to restore the premises before the beginning of the academic year.”

Two houses and eleven apartments had also been damaged, he added.

Zelensky calls for Russia to be recognized as "terrorist state"

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the international community to officially recognize Russia as a terrorist state after missiles struck the city of Vinnytsia. "Russia has shown its attitude to international law, to Europe, and to the entire civilized world," he said.

"It is absolutely necessary to implement as soon as possible such restrictions against Russian energy exports, which will not allow terrorists to cover their costs at the expense of the international community."