He noted that the boy had survived a real hell. His illustrations speak for themselves.

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The war

"Sunday: I slept well, woke up, smiled, got up, and read to the 25th page. My grandfather died, I had a wound on my back, my skin was torn off, my sister had head injuries, my mother had her flesh torn out of her arm and a hole in her leg".

A friend

"I am 8 years old, my sister is 15, my mother is 38. We need to be bandaged, my mother is first, I am next, my sister is third. By the way, I have a friend Vika, she is cheerful, and she is our neighbor, she has good parents.

Monday: I woke up and as always smiled, and so on.

My grandmother went for water, came back. By the way, it's my birthday soon. I have lost two dogs and my grandmother Halia, and my beloved city of Mariupol since that Thursday, starting on February 24".