"Rape Ukrainian women"

The Russian's wife, giving such instructions, asked her not to tell about it and to use condoms.

- Well, come on. Rape Ukrainian women, but don't tell me anything, okay?

- So I don't know anything.

- I can, right?

- Yes, I allow.

One tortured the prisoners

The occupier brags that he is cutting off the hands of Ukrainian soldiers. Even his interlocutors are shocked be such savagery.

- The prisoners were brought, fuck, I tortured them… Sh*t, f*uck, I cut off their fingers and cut off their wrists! He stood on a shovel, on a brick: and screamed "aaaaa"!

- Salavat, where did you get so savage ?!

One called for the shooting of civilians

In another conversation, the occupier informs the commander that the village where they are moving is full of civil Ukrainians. He orders to "shoot everyone".

- Yes, f*cking knock them all! If there are civilians, shoot everyone! "

One more crime

The occupier told the woman how three tankmen raped a minor girl - she is only 16 years old. The woman even laughed.

- Three tankmen here took and raped a 16-year-old girl.

- Our tankmen?

- Yes.

"Take what you want"

The Russian marauder calls his wife with a Ukrainian SIM card and mobile phone, which he allegedly "found". He cynically declares that "you can go into any apartment and take whatever you want."

- I found a watch worth 40 thousand, Play Station-4, but I threw it away, and 80 thousand UAH, it is 240 thousand RUB.

- Wow!

- Some of our guys got millions here. Someone will come home and close the mortgage. I also need to look for some real money.

- Keep looking.

- It will be difficult to exchange them later.

"Kill all the Ukrainians and come home"

Russian schoolchildren in letters to their relatives ask them to "kill Ukrainians sooner." In a conversatrion with a relative, the occupier said that his younger sister, a schoolgirl, had written him such a wish.

- Lisa was told that a humanitarian aid was being gathered at school ... Lisa put socks and wrote a letter. "Babayeva Elizaveta writes to you. Please kill Ukrainians as soon as possible and come home."

- That's right, the child said everything on the facts.

Putin is more important than the mother

The soldier, a native of the Kherson region, talks his mother, who satyed in Ukraine and is under enemy fire.

The occupier speaks Russian and Ukrainian. He wanted to evacuate mother and negotiated with his commanders. The man doesn't care about other civillians.

However, the woman refused. She is afraid, because she is under enemy’s gunpoint.

- You just did not see how we were taken here. You haven't seen it!

- What happened?

- Frightened to death. I was shaken for 2 days… Give me best to children. I love my sons very much. But I have a husband here… Don’t get me wrong. You should say, Vladichok, that your father lies here, I will not leave him alone.