Russia has already used 2400 different-type missiles against Ukraine since the full-scale war started, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his speech at the Indonesian analytical center of Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia.

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"Most of them were fired at civil infrastructure facilities, enterprises, warehouses (namely, food warehouses), residential houses and railway,” Zelensky added.

Illegal weapons

Bellingcat, as reported the Guardian, reviewed some of the pictures collected by the Guardian and confirmed the presence of cluster bombs in towns and villages occupied by the Russians. The weapons, banned in more than 100 countries (but not the US, Russia or Ukraine) were unleashed in areas with no military personnel and no military infrastructure.

On 1 March, a Russian air force jet dropped a series of 250kg Soviet-era FAB-250 bombs over Borodyanka, north of Kyiv – explosives designed to hit military targets such as enemy fortifications and bunkers. The bombs fell on at least five residential buildings, splitting them in two. Dozens of bodies were found under the rubble when the Russians withdrew.