The demonstration was attended by representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora and the French activists who support Ukraine and condemn the invasion of the country by Russia and Russian war crimes.

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The demonstrators drew the attention of the French authorities and the entire French society to the crimes of the Russians in Ukraine, especially to the new war crime – torture and murder of Ukrainians in Izium. The participants of the action also reminded about the terrorist attack in Olenivka against Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Lyon demonstrators held photos with tortured Ukrainians in Izium and Olenivka. They also showed passers-by photos of Ukrainian cities destroyed by Russian missiles.

One of the most tragic photos at the demonstration was the hand of the tortured Ukrainian soldier, hero of Ukraine Serhiy Sova with a yellow and blue bracelet.

The demonstration of Ukrainian diaspora / Mykola Cusin

Activists in Lyon: video Mykola Cusin