What could have caused the page to be blocked

Hanna Naumenko, a representative of the Association of Defenders' Families, told Channel 24 that the page was unblocked due to the quick and effective actions of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

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Hanna emphasizes that she does not understand what could have caused the blocking, because no provocative or radical posts were published on the blog.

Probably, this is the fastest story about blocking and unblocking an Instagram page that I have come across on my way. Yesterday we did not have any radical posts, we did not have radical posts at all, no calls for radical actions, nothing,
– said Hanna.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation helped to restore the page

Anton Melnyk, head of Ukraine's technological ecosystem, explained to Channel 24 that the reasons for the blocking are currently unclear. However, the Meta company helped to quickly restore the page after a corresponding appeal.

No hate speech: what the Association covered in the blog

According to Hanna, yesterday the page published a message about a project in Kyiv to support defenders and information about the awarding of a fighter of the Mariupol defender regiment by President Zelensky.

And today – a post about Independence Day and Kalush. That is, nothing provocative has been posted on the page in recent days. However, the page was blocked – absolutely without reason.

Russian bots are annoying

I think it was an attack by Russian spies. They decided not only to bomb cities, they also wanted to hit social networks. But the Ministry of Digital Transformation reacted very quickly – the page has been restored and this is a super cool sign,
– stressed Hanna Naumenko.

The efforts of the Russians are in vain: the voice of the defenders' families is loud

At the same time, the representative of the association adds that a few months ago she would have been afraid of blocking the page, but not now. After all, activists have such a strong and loud voice that blocking an Instagram page will not stop them

Blocking on Instagram is some kind of demoralization act, but it does not work. We are confident in ourselves, we are confident in our abilities and we understand that there will be no Instagram - there will be Telegram, Twitter, the media will hear us. We are not addicted to Instagram,
– the activist explained.

Hanna emphasized that these abominations hurt just a little. But in a matter of an hour the queston has been solved!

"We are independent in everything and have enough strength. It's useless to scare us after six months of war by blocking the page - it doesn't work like that anymore," she added.

This is not the first time Instagram has blocked a page

Previously, on August 9, Instagram already blocked the page of the Association of Families of Azovstal Defenders. At that time, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine was also involved in order to restore access. At that time, the likely reason for the blocking was a post calling for the rescue of the defenders of "Azovstal" and the preparation of the "tribunal in cages" by the occupiers.

At that time, the Ministry of Digital Transformation emphasized that the pages of Ukrainian defenders should not be blocked. The world needs to know the truth about the war in Ukraine, so Meta heard an appeal. Apparently it worked this time too.