This is the information provided to the Guildhall News Agency by Ukrainian intelligence.

It has been established that the commander of 503 MRR 19 MRD 58 ZA (military unit 75394), Colonel Yevgeny Malygin, and the FSB RF employee Ivan Zaguborny organized large-scale looting and robbery of the local population in occupied Melitopol, the report says.

“Such processes have already led to increased morale and psychological tension in the units of the regiment. The personnel accuses the officership of prioritizing foray and export of the loot to Russia over tasks of the warfighting. A number of military personnel are looking for opportunities to report this to the high command and are ready to give personal testimony,” Ukrainian intelligence said.

Recall that earlier the Security Service of Ukraine published an audio interception of the conversation between plunderers of the Russian Armed Forces, who inform each other that representatives of the FSB are taking away their loot.