Direct speech

1. There was constant fighting in Kherson, you could hear the explosions, and we were constantly calling our relatives. I remember them saying: "Let's have a little war now and everything will be fine. It will be over soon because Ukraine will do everything."

2. There are very few rallies now. Few people come out - everyone is afraid. At past rallies, people were launched with stun grenades, and people were wounded by shrapnel. They just ran away.

It seems to me that a soldier killing children, women, men and everyone he encounters will not be stopped by the banner "No to War". He does not care - he wants to and will shoot.

3. Humanitarian aid is taken because people have nothing to live for. Those who have some supplies, just don't take aid. But I believe that the enemy's supplies must also be destroyed. So let them take it and do not go hungry.

4. There is no work in Kherson, it is very difficult to withdraw cash. The queues are very long. It is possible to withdraw cash at 5%. Pensioners find it difficult to withdraw cash, and pensions are issued with old Ukrainian coins. One woman received her pension in 50 coins. Just a box of coins. But it is not possible to pay with them.

5. People were disappearing. I heard that Russians make money this way. They demand ransom for people. The main thing is that they demand hryvnias. Then they pay with the same hryvnias in shops and supermarkets, at markets, they buy coffee.

Read here Russians are holding 600 people in torture chambers in the Kherson

6. It seems to be quiet in Kherson. However, it is scary to move around the city, many people are kidnapped. People are very careful. They go out quickly to the shop or to the market and come back. And you need a company to be saved. If someone wants to go for a walk, they choose a crowded place. For instance, a park. Virtually no one walks alone, everybody tries "to walk in pairs".

7. How has my day changed since the war started? I started getting more nervous and stopped calling my grandmother. She is now in Mariupol. She is still there. The other day, she was able to call us on the phone for the first time in 2 months...

8. Save us. Just save us. It's emotionally draining. Fear eats away at everything.