Semen Bagdasarov is one of such spies. And he is the one through whom the Kremlin purchases spare parts for stolen Boeing and Airbus, trades oil from the UAE, and supplies its petrol industry with raw materials from Turkey. At the same time, the activities of Bagdasarov are carefully hidden, and for the public he remains a propagandist and a former deputy of the State Duma, as well as the head of the organization "Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia". However, this position serves as a cover for many schemes, because the pursuits of the 68-year-old criminal have no more in common with science than the russian church has with religion. Moreover, Bagdasarov is an adviser to the head of JSC "High Precision Systems".

The 24 News Channel learned about these facts after analyzing more than 16,000 letters from Bagdasarovs e-mail, hacked by the Cyber Resistance team.

After careful examination of each document, we found out how Bagdasarov was involved in Russia's initiation of wars in many countries of the Middle East, Africa and directly in Ukraine, and also exposed a number of large-scale schemes to circumvent the Kremlin's sanctions restrictions. More details - in our material.

It should be noted that for the public Baghdasarov is associated with propaganda on TV and openly anti-Western rhetoric. He positions himself as an expert on Eastern issues and a prototype of Zhirynovsky – due to his rough statements. Instead, behind the screen of a scandalous figure hides a well-balanced head of a large intelligence network, the owner of several companies engaged in land theft in the Moscow and Krasnodar regions, as well as the leader of Russian expansion around the world.

The official biography of Baghdasarov claims that he left the military service back in 1995. However, there is a good chance that the "colonel in reserve" is still working for Russian intelligence and the Kremlin elites, who are involved in military coups in many countries.

According to the correspondence of Putin's minion, Bagdasarov was very actively involved in the dense development of a huge pro-Russian intelligence network 14 years ago. Most likely, Bagdasarov started this activity back in the 90s, at least then Yeltsin secretly awarded him the Order "For Personal Courage". The other side of Bagdasarovs’ involvement was a secret mission in "remote areas of Tajikistan and Afghanistan."

It was not surprising that after the official end of military service, Bagdasarov became a head of department for cooperation with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan of the relevant ministry of Russia. Such a “spy/diplomatic” position.

Bagdasarov in the 90s / Picture from the so-called russian media

In the future, the connections of the "Middle East expert" only expanded, and already in 2009, he was building the relations of the ”gas station masquerading as a country” not only with Asian, but also with many African countries. Of course, we are not talking about official diplomatic relations, but about local gang- and political clans.

Moreover, we can clearly see a very interesting pattern: in almost every African country where Russia established business through Baghdasarov, later coups took place, wars broke out, and units of "Wagnerits" also appeared.

While Baghdasarov was communicating with the head of diplomatic affairs of the Ismaili Imamate, Shafik Sachedina, at the end of August 2009, he wanted to fix some controversial issues regarding the activities of "some famous Russians" in Mali through the the Aga Khan Fund ( Aga Khan – the leader of the Shia movement of the Ismailis).

Baghdasarov's mail regarding the coordination of the Russians' work in Mali / Screenshot from the mail of the russian terrorist

The Aga Khan Development Network was founded to overcome poverty in the countries of Asia and Africa. Nevertheless, the relations of its representatives with Baghdasarov and the Russians for some reason (what a surprise) related to the mining of phosphorite ores in the former French colony.

According to the correspondence, the representatives of the spiritual leader of the Ismailis were unhappy with the fact that the Russians had come to their market and tried to exclude them from the mining.

Deputy Bagdasarov was involved in the organization of phosphate mining in Mali / Screenshot from the mail of a russian terrorist

However, the russians were unhappy with such circumstances, so Baghdasarov demanded from Sachedina that his confidant in Mali, Victor Astrein, should meet with Ahmad – a representative of the Ismailis.

In fact, Bagdasarov threatened his business partner / Screenshot from the mail of the russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

According to the latest information, received from our representative Viktor lately, your representative in Mali incorrectly uses the personal data against us. Taking into consideration the seriousness of the organization in russia that viktor represents in Mali, I'm afraid that this situation could worsen the relationship between your organization and us. Thus, out of my great respect for His Highness, the Shia Imam of the Ismaili Muslims, for you personally I wish for a successful cooperation in Africa, especially in Mali. Therefore, we are ready to discuss further cooperation. On this basis, I appeal to you, as my friend, that your representative, Mr. Ahmad, should contact our representative in Mali after the completion of the tender. Mr. Ahmad should know Victor's phone number.

It is still unknown for sure whether Russia was involved in these events, but in 2012, a few years after such dialogues and the deployment of Kremlin business, a military coup took place in Mali. Moreover, from that moment Mali finally plunged into the chaos of confrontations between various groups. Which are still supported by the mercenaries of the "Wagner" group.

Baghdasarov was engaged in similar activities in Jordan, Zimbabwe, Qatar, Syria, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, Libya and Lebanon, as well as in many other countries where Russia stuck its tentacles in order to gain geopolitical influence, as well as to enrich the Moscow elites through the sale of minerals.

Russian business in Jordan, about which Bagdasarov held negotiations / Screenshot from the mail of a russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Country: Jordan

Partners: ARSO (Jordan), Gazprombank (Russian federation), Gazprombank. Inv (Lebanon), Zarubezhneft – Russian Federation

  • reconstruction of three reservoirs 42 000 cubic meters each

  • new construction of tanks with a total volume of 150 thousand cubic meters

  • estimated value – $100 millions. Technical documentation made by Royal Haskoning (The Netherlands)

Currently, Gazprombank has suspended the negotiations, having informed the customer that the interest in the project remains. Аfter the visit of the King of Jordan to the Russian Federation, the Russian leadership decided to allocate a loan in the amount of 850 million dollars for the development of Jordan's oil and gas infrastructure (First and Second stages). "Road map" was signed. On the Russian side, the “Zarubezhneft” company was chosen as the coordinator. Financing will be carried out through the Foreign Economic Bank. Total cost $850 million.

For the rare minerals mining, the russians usually used fake companies. In order not to be associated with the Kremlin at all, at least, at a first glance. For example, as of 2010, the Panamanian "Rockden Holding" was running five projects in three African countries. Moreover, this company was a beneficiary of some other businesses – in Liechtenstein, Zimbabwe and Hong Kong. Financial calculations were carried out through the Swiss bank UBS.

Certificate from Bagdasarov's mail about the activities of JSC "Rockden Holding" in Africa / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Rockden Holding JSC Panama was established in July 2007 to organize exploration of solid minerals (mainly gold-platinum group and rare earth metals) in Asia and Africa. Today, the company operates in three countries - Zimbabwe, Mali and Myanmar. The company has five representative offices - in Zurich, Moscow, Bamako, Harare, Yangon. Settlements are made through UBS bank, Zurich. JSC "Rokden Holding '' owns 100% of the company "Gemtek A.G." L”echtenstein, operator of projects in Zimbabwe and one project in Mali. And remains 100% owner of “Eastern Fortune Development Co.,” Hong Kong, a project operator in Myanmar.

References to weapons appeared in the correspondence in 2013. Thus, Baghdasarov corresponded at that time with State Duma deputy Oleksandr Babakov and hinted to him that there are many Soviet-made weapons in African countries that need to be modernized. Most likely, the main purpose of this was to expand cooperation with local juntas in this market as well.

The Russians actively provided military support to various juntas in Africa / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

To Babakov A.M. Personally.

Request: the information that I gave you about the holding is only for you, it is confidential. But it can be interesting in the countries where you travel. There is a lot of our equipment which needs to be modernized. You can also think about resuming relations with Libya and about Lebanon (here you can link the issue with Gazprom, there is a large oil field). Also, think about the scheme that the assistant from Sierra Leone sent over.

At the same time, Bagdasarov was in charge of "dirty affairs" in many other countries in one way or another. He also acted as an organizer of Moscow's agreements with representatives of other Middle Eastern states whose interests overlapped with Russia's. After deploying a number of projects in Africa, the Kremlin later needed a private army of mercenaries. For this reason, the group "Wagner" was created.

This is how the man who positioned himself as an expert in the fight against terrorism became the one who carried the terrorism beyond the borders of Russia to other countries. And in order to finally fix this image for him, it is worth adding a reference about meetings with representatives of the officially recognized terrorist group "Kataib Hezbollah" from February 2023.

Bagdasarov organized meetings of the russian leadership with representatives of "Kataib Hezbollah" / Screenshot from the mail of the russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Kataib Hezbollah Party

Adviser to the Secretary General for Military-Technical Cooperation, Tamimi Wissam Mohammed Jabour.

Advisor to the Secretary General for Politics and Economics, Ammar Mohammed Abdullah.

This week I met with Hussein Al-Ramahi - the leader of the parliamentary Iraqi Party Kadimun.

He builds his platform on the need to ensure a balance of interests in Iraq, which can be achieved in conditions of limiting the influence of the United States and Iran. In this context, he sees Russia as a partner capable of helping Iraq restore its statehood and overcome the protracted political crisis.

He will be able to arrange a meeting with the leadership of the country.

Besides organizing the "work" on the Black Continent, Bagdasarov simultaneously took care of the agents in order to spread the influence of the Kremlin in other directions. He repeatedly communicated and organized official meetings with German representatives, in particular, with employees of the "Hanns Seidel Foundation".

The list of german representatives with whom Bagdasarov met in 2010 / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Reinhold Bocklet, vice-president of Bavarian Landtag, board member of “Petersburg dialog”

Thomas Goppel, member of Bavarian Landtag, member of Science and Culture Comittee

Hans Reidel, security expert, Bundestag member from 1990 to 2009

Markus Ehm, branch manager of “Hanns Seidel Foundation” in Russia

Joseph Niebekker, Brigade general, defense attache

Meanwhile, before the negotiations, Putin's henchman for some reason paid special attention to the defense matters. Thus he even studied the autobiography of the German attache (and where did he get such documents from?)

The autobiography of the Bundeswehr general, which Bagdasarov studied before the meeting / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Autobiography. Joseph Niebekker, Brigade general

It is impossible to find out about what exactly the Russian terrorist communicated with the Germans. Nevertheless the contacts with the representatives of the “Hanns Seidel Foundation” were stable and lasted for many years. In 2016, when the Russians had been bombing Syria for more than a year, and Berlin was suffering from a wave of refugees, the Bavarian delegation invited Bagdasarov to another meeting. At the same time, Martin Pabst, an expert on Eastern issues and author of articles on the Syrian conflict, was brought to the talks.

The "Hanns Seidel Foundation" brought a Bavarian delegation to communicate with Bagdasarov on Syria issues / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

A request from “Hanns Seidel Foundation” for a meeting with a Bavarian delegation on 15 of November. Dr. Martin Pabst, leading Bavarian orientalist and expert on conflicts in the Middle East, author of publications on the conflict in Syria. Bavarian politicians listen to his expert opinion with great respect.

Dr. Markus Ehm, chief representative of “Hanns Seidel Foundation” in Brussels

In his work, Bagdasarov paid special attention to Asian countries that were in the orbit of russian interests. As an expert on Middle East issues, he wrote reports to deputies, FSB and GRU officers with recommendations on russia's actions in other countries.

Meantime, the "Orientalist" included a lot of historical manipulations and fabrications in the documents, and almost everywhere he insisted on the need for military invasions.

For example, under the pretext of combating the supply of drugs to Russia, in 2009 Bagdasarov advised the relocation of the russian occupation forces in Tajikistan from Dushanbe to the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous District. At the same time, the "expert" directly indicated that this would hinder the activities of the Americans at the base in Batken in Kyrgyzstan (as a result, Washington had to withdraw its forces from this region).

Bagdasarov advised the Kremlin to send troops to the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

About the possibility of deploying russian military units in Gorno-Badakhshan (Pamir). Deployment of Russian troops on the territory of GBAR. Thus, we will reduce the effectiveness of the American base in the city of Batken. If we don't do this, the United States will do it, with grave consequences for Russia. The deployment of our troops on the territory of GBAR, in fact, will significantly reduce the US base in Batken.

In another letter sent to Oleg Safonov, Deputy Director of the Federal Drug Control Service, Bagdasarov insisted on the actual occupation of the entire Ferghana Valley. He also proposed to put pressure on Tajikistan by "nightmaring" the migrants, and also indicated that Russia should pursue a more aggressive policy in the Central of Asia.

Part of Bagdasarov's letter to Oleg Safonov, deputy head of the FSKN / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Therefore, it is necessary to use levers of influence on Tajikistan. First of all, on the migration policy, without which Tajikistan will not be able to exist, and credit policy. Kyrgyzstan. The most effective would be the deployment of our units in the city of Bekten and in the village of Sary-Tash, as well as a small aviation and operational group in the city of Osh. I believe that Russia's policy in the central region should be offensive in nature, taking into account local specifics, as well as taking into account events taking place in Afghanistan.

Baghdasarov also took part in the creation of a pro-russian government in Georgia. In 2010, when Mikheil Saakashvili's party ruled in Sakartvelo, the head of the Dzavakh diaspora in Russia, Agashi Arabyan, expressed his thoughts to the deputy about how to overthrow the government in his country. And this, unfortunately, led to a certain effect.

Evidence of Bagdasarov and Russia's interference in the internal political affairs of Georgia / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Meeting of the opposition party leader of the "Movement for Fair Georgia" Zurab Nogaideli and the signing of inter-party cooperation with “Edinaya Rossiya”. This means an open support by the Russian authorities of the Georgian opposition in order to change the regime in Georgia. From the point of view of international relations, it is nonsense that one state party in one country would openly support an opposition party in another country. Russia needs to be more careful in this matter, and for sure Moscow will be accused of this. It would have been more correct for the leadership of the “Spravedlivaya Rossiya” party to come up with a similar proposal to sign an inter-party agreement with some prominent Georgian opposition party.

In addition, in 2010 Bagdasarov was responsible for the creation of "Union of Armenian Reservists and Veterans" – the international organization of russian proxies that should oppose Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as "properly" educate the youth.

Baghdasarov's note on the creation of the pro-Russian "Union of Armenian Reservists and Veterans" / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

To air an interview about the goals of “The Union” and interfere with the anti-armenian propaganda in russian and foreign press.

This organization, according to the author's idea, was to include not only citizens of Armenia. And in the event of an intensification of the conflict between Yerevan and Baku, these characters had to participate in military operations.

Armenian proxies are also partially Bagdasarov's creation / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

In the event of a direct military threat to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh as well as facts of aggression against their historical homeland, which is an international crime in accordance with international law, the members of the Union mobilize within their associations and, in agreement with the Ministries of Defense of Armenia and the NKR, provide assistance in repelling external aggression and providing protection to the historical homeland. The Union must be able to provide a fully combat-ready force equal in size to a brigade and to build its work on a contract basis. To participate as part of the Separate Volunteer Corps of the active Armenian army in repelling the military aggression of the enemy. To treat the military ranks of the Armenian army and awards for excellence in military service while defending the fatherland, as well as receive penalties for disciplinary acts and offenses and be punished for criminal, military and state crimes in accordance with the legislation of Armenia, the NKR and the norms of international law. To establish training centers in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh in order to prepare draft-age youth for military service. To participate in military exercises of the armed forces of Armenia and the NKR as part of a separate volunteer corps to work out coherence with the main forces of the army.

It is unknown whether the members of this "Union" fought against Azerbaijan in 2020.

However, before the start of the Second War in Karabakh, representatives of the "Democratic National Party" related to Baghdasarov sent him a letter with a request for the production of 500 UAVs for the needs of the Armenian army. At the same time, part of these drones should have gone to the Kurdish group with whom Turkey is fighting on the territory of Syria.

Armenian proxies wanted Russia to strengthen the Kurds / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist.

Translation from the document:

It is necessary to quickly produce 500 drones for the Armenian army within a year. Thousands of such aircraft need to be produced and sold to the Kurds in Syria.

It is quite possible that Baghdasarov has or had agents in Ukraine.

At least in March 2014, before Russia's invasion of Crimea and the start of the war in Donbas, he sent reports to FSB employees, State Duma deputies, and GRU members assessing Ukraine's mobilization capabilities.

For sure, it cannot be ruled out that an "expert" wrote such an analysis based on his distorted view of the world. However, it is quite likely that he relied on data obtained from certain sources in Ukraine.

Baghdasarov indicated that all military units in Crimea that would betray Ukraine should be demobilized, and also suggested a pre-emptive strike on Kherson Oblast by the forces of so-called "Crimea self-defense".

Back in 2014, Russia understood that it would not be possible to provide Crimea with water without seizing Kherson Oblast / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

There is an urgent need for a more professional solution to the mobilization issue of those units that have betrayed Ukraine… Considering that, apparently, the Crimean Peninsula will be blocked from the mainland of Ukraine, it would be correct in the event of an escalation of aggression from the radical Bander groups to launch a pre-emptive strike by the forces of the "Crimea Self-Defense Forces", knock down these check-points and take control of vital objects on the territory of the neighboring Kherson region, primarily the water supply hub of Crimea. It is extremely important to deploy special propaganda work both on the territory of Crimea and in neighboring regions. Use all possible measures for working with this group of population.

Already in July 2014, the activist did not refer to the "self-defense of Crimea" in quotes, but used phrases such as "army of the southeast". In addition, he advised them to create problems in the Middle East. So that Washington could not concentrate on helping Ukraine.

Bagdasarov coordinated the countermeasures against the USA and Ukraine in 2014 / Screenshot from the mail of the Russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

In order to prevent the concentration of US efforts in the Ukrainian direction, it is advisable to create problems for the US in Afghanistan and the Middle East. We should warn our allies in the Central Asian region that the use of their territory for the transit of goods will be regarded as anti-Russian actions. It is needed to raise the question that the use of military force, regardless of whose - the United States, Iran or other countries - and interference in the internal affairs of Iraq is unacceptable without UN sanctions. At the same time, intensifying efforts to establish and consolidate ties with individual forces within Iraq, in particular, with the Iraqi kurdistan, as well as with individual ethno-religious groups in Iraq, will create great consideration in the United States and its allies, since Iraq is more important to them than Ukraine. It is necessary to intensify contacts with the Gulf countries and Israel.

It is quite possible that at that time Bagdasarov communicated with someone from the pro-russian opposition. And after the failure of Moscow's military campaign in 2014, Bagdasarov was offended at the sources of distorted information.

At least before the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, among the working notes of Bagdasarov was a text in which he spoke very harshly about all "Medvedchuk's hookers". Moreover, he even criticized the FSB officers and Putin himself for inadequate assessment of Ukraine's capabilities, and called the intention to start a full-scale war a military gamble.

A note from Bagdasarov's mail criticizing intentions to invade Ukraine based on data from the pro-Kremlin opposition / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

The pro-Russian opposition in Ukraine is very marginal. The fact that Russian intelligence services and various ministries and departments responsible for Russian foreign policy are dealing with all these pro-Russian opposition members in Ukraine is a very good indication of their level of understanding of what is happening in Ukraine. In fact, this is all a marginalized public, part of which lives in Russia, that means, they ran from Ukraine back in 2014. And they, out of habit, still interfere with them in different ways. Russia's decisions at the highest level can be made on the basis of those assessments that are based on intelligence information that comes from the mouths of these same pro-Russian marginals. If the Kremlin believes this information, it's a disaster. Because such information can push the president of russia and the people who serve him with information and intelligence to start some kind of military adventure. And this is sad.

After several consultations on the war against Ukraine, Baghdasarov returned to his usual business – work in the Middle East. In 2015, he sent a letter to Serhii Mironov's assistant and the head of the "Spravedlivaya Rossiya" party, Ruslan Tatarinov. In this letter was an analysis of the consequences for Russia in case the sanctions against Iran were lifted. At the same time, Baghdasarov indicated that Moscow should develop a clear plan to disrupt the agreements between Washington and Tehran, because in this case Russia would lose the great share of the oil and gas sales market.

Russia did not want sanctions to be lifted from Iran / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Regarding the lifting of Iranian sanctions. This will create a real threat to the supply of Russian gas to European markets. It will sharply narrow the market for Russian gas in the EU. As for the illusion of a possible entry into the Iranian market, it should be noted that Iran has always given preference to the West in choosing cooperation between Russia and the West (when sanctions were not imposed on this or that cooperation). Iran in recent years has begun to produce a lot of its own military equipment. Russia has not been able to really compete in the Iranian market with Western countries and China even under tough sanctions.

At the beginning of Russia's invasion in Syria, Bagdasarov also consulted secret service agents, deputies and other Kremlin officials on various geopolitical issues. This is evidenced by a letter with questions from a member of the Russian Security Council Oleg Safonov. Regarding it, the Kremlin actively cooperated with the Kurdish rebels.

Moscow did not want to quarrel with the Turks, but in the same time cooperated with their enemies / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Involving the Kurds in the fight against ISIS. The question of a possible Turkish attitude to Russia's work with the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds. How will our cooperation with the Kurds (appointment of advisers and instructors, supply of weapons) be interpreted by the Turks? What should we officially explain to the Turks, if necessary, about how and why we work with the Kurds? In general, what are the prospects for relations with the Turks in connection with the crisis in the Middle East?

For such activities in the destruction of tens of thousands of civilians, as well as in creating a wave of refugee crisis in Europe, Bagdasarov together with other war criminals, received the medal "Participant of the military operation in Syria".

A document testifying that Baghdasarov was awarded for the war in Syria / a screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

The medal "Participant of the military operation in Syria"

Bagdasarov Semen Arkadievich

It should be noted that already in 2014, Bagdasarov allegedly did not hold any official positions. And was allegedly not directly connected with the Kremlin. After he dropped his deputy mandate, a non-profit organization "Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia" was created to cover up the supervision of the agent network. The former parliamentarian employed his children as leading specialists in this company.

However, already at that moment, he was an advisor to the CEO of PJSC "NPO "High Precision System" – a group of companies subordinate to the state corporation "Rosteh". It became clear from the correspondence of Bagdasarov.

Business card of Bagdasarov as an advisor to the general director of the Russian military industrial complex / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Despite the fact that the joint-stock company fell under the American sanctions of the EU, the USA, Canada and many other companies at the beginning of the russian aggression, this did not prevent many countries from buying products from the Kremlin terrorists. Bagdasarov, judging by his correspondence, was primarily concerned with UAE cooperation. General Wahid Hasan Ibrahim Al Zaaki was his counterpart on the side of the Emirates.

Evidence of Russia's cooperation with the UAE in 2016 / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

State corporation “ROSTEH”. Joint-stock company "NPO "High Precision System". In order to accelerate the implementation of our "Pantsyr" project. Adviser on military-technical cooperation Bagdasarov S.A. A.V. Denisov

The mediator in the negotiations between Russia and Abu Dhabi was Luai Yusef (Baghdasarov's assistant during his time as a deputy of Russian Duma). It was he who organized meetings with high-ranking officials of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia for his boss at least since 2009.

Correspondence between Luai Yusef and Bagdasarov about the agreements between JSC "Stroytransgaz" and the American Saudi Aramco / Screenshot from the e-mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

…prolonging their contact with Aranco. During a visit to Saudi Arabia, meet one of the most eminent princess

Subsequently, Yusef became a representative and activities coordinator of the World Union of Muslim Scientists in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. In letters from 2018 he generally identified himself as the head of the representative office in Russia of the Qatari oil and gas company AIPC.

Bagdasarov still works in the Russian defense sphere, as does his boss, General Oleksandr Denisov. However, both of them do not appear in the US and EU sanctions lists.

Document regarding the start of Bagdasarov's vacation at the NGO "High Precision System" as for October 2022 / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

After the start of a full-scale invasion and the imposition of quite painful sanctions on Russia, a curator of Kremlins’ geopolitics in the Middle East instantly received a new task from his leadership – to circumvent restrictions through third countries. And in this case he achieved certain successes. Of course, this did not help Russia to start real production of Armata tanks, but it significantly strengthened its ability to survive during the sanctions.

Judging by the correspondence in March 2023 Moscow began to close ties with Tehran. Despite the fact that a few years ago, Baghdasarov noted that Russia would never be able to compete on the Iranian market with China and Western countries, now he had no special options for finding allies.

So the head of the "Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia" began to receive letters from russian companies with a list of Iranian companies that could benefit from cooperation with them. Baghdasarov's task was to establish cooperation between countries and ensure communication between corporations.

Request for cooperation with Iranian companies from Tsyfra Group / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Partners of SE “Tsyfra” in Iran

At the same time, through Baghdasarov, Russia had already begun to purchase a lot of stuff for its needs from the Iranians. The director of the Center received numerous requests from Russian companies regarding orders for spare parts and maintenance of gas turbines and other units. Because the manufacturers of these products refused to cooperate with the terrorist country.

So the Iranian companies were engaged in the supply of all kinds of parts for BORZIG compressors, gas transport units of General Electric and Siemens. For example – Parsian Engineering Solution Group.

Requests for cooperation with the Iranian Parsian Engineering Solution Group / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

To the Head of the Center for the Study of the Middle East Countries and Central Asia, S.A. Bagdasarov. PJSC "T Plus" is interested in servicing gas turbines and compressor units, as well as supplying spare parts for them in the Russian Federation. PJSC "T Plus" is interested in servicing and supplying capital and consumable spare parts for the entire specified fleet of equipment.

Instead, the russians began to actively help their partners with the construction of gas liquefaction infrastructure. State Duma deputy Oleksandr Babakov played a significant role in this.

As on August 21, 2022, the LNG construction project in Iran was almost 40% ready / screenshot from the mail of a Russian terrorist

In addition, the russians began to enter the Iranian market and supply Tehran with the goods it needed. Such cooperation has significantly strengthened both countries, especially in matters of armaments.

However, Iran was not the only one. Thanks to Bagdasarov, the Russian giant "Sybur" was able to at least partially replace the supply of raw materials needed for the petrochemical industry. As well as obtain spare parts and equipment from leading global companies. The Turkish PETROTURK took part in this, as evidenced by a letter found in the mail of the head of the Center.

Turkish PETROTURK supplied Russians with equipment and spare parts bypassing manufacturers / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

However, companies from the UAE went much further. They enabled the Russians to sell precious stones mined by them in African countries, participated in the resale of Russian petroleum products, and also gladly supplied spare parts for stolen Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

On September 20, 2022, almost 7 months after Russia officially stole the leased planes of the world's leading manufacturers, the CEO of Jet Aviation FZC of the UAE, Omar Jalil, sent a letter to Baghdasarov. He offered a list of spare parts that are available for purchase and immediate delivery.

Proposal for the supply of spare parts for aviation from a company in UAE / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Take a look at a list of the parts for Airbus aircraft that Russia bought through the UAE:

Later, Baghdasarov forwarded requests to Jhalil from representatives of the Rossia Airlines company for certain required spare parts, needed for maintenance and repair of stolen planes.

Correspondence of Rossia Airlines employees with Baghdasarov and the head of Jet Aviation FZC about the purchase of spare parts for Boeing 737 / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

In addition, the United Arab Emirates helped the russians to at least partially replace the European market in the field of selling oil and oil related products. So, on November 16, 2022, Baghdasarov received a confidential letter with an offer from TSIRAN INTERNATIONAL F.Z.C. about the possibility of reselling russian oil products.

TSIRAN INTERNATIONAL F.Z.C. offers Baghdasarov to sell Russian oil products at the end of 2022 / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Director General of North Green Oil and WEST NORD OIL COMPANY LLC Karim Akallal addressed the head of the "Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia" with a similar proposal regarding pumping Russia with petrodollars. In the letter, the manager noted that he has oil storage facilities in the ports of Oman and the UAE, and is also ready to buy more than 1.1 million tons of oil products from the russians every month.

Letter of intention of North Green Oil and WEST NORD OIL COMPANY LLC to buy Russian petroleum products / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

We have at our disposal oil storage facilities in various ports of Oman and the UAE. We are ready to purchase the following types of goods:

- crude oil up to 300,000 tons per month,

- diesel 10 ppm up to 300,000 tons per month,

- gasoline AI 92 up to 300,000 tons per month,

- fuel oil up to 200,000 tons per month.

It is clear that it could not compensate the russians for the losses from the loss of the European market, but for them, in such a case, every ton of energy carriers sold was extremely important.

The market for the sale of minerals did not do without the UAE. So, on February 25, 2023, a man named Yuriy offered Bagdasarov to organize diamond trading through an unnamed company from the UAE from African countries.

A classic scheme: Russia extracts minerals in Africa, sells them through other countries, and allegedly stays out of business / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

About the possibility of organizing trading of precious stones from African countries. Our trading services company is headquartered in the UAE and has the capacity to organize the legal trading of diamonds and other precious stones from many countries in Africa.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Selection, passing all approvals and official registration of a concession for diamond mining in the country, provision of security issues and administrative consulting of works on the concession.

On the same day, this unidentified person sent two more letters, which related to the mining of tin, tantalum and tungsten in the Congo, as well as gold in Uganda.

Business without risks (c) / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

On tin trading. Business plan for organizing work on the extraction of tin, tantalum, tungsten in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Organization of an international trading company in Dubai.

And after a few days, calculations regarding the trading of tin and tantalum through the UAE appeared in Baghdasarov's mail.

The Emirates have become a kind of hub for the sale of minerals mined by russia in Africa / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

The most disturbing fact is that while Bagdasarov continues to establish agency connections and use existing ones, interfere in the affairs of other countries and carry terrorism around the world, there are no serious problems in life for him.

He is still not under US and EU sanctions (included only in the sanctions lists of Ukraine and Latvia), and the only inconvenience for him is the lack of Schengen visas and the inability to send his critically ill son to elite clinics in Germany.

Both criminals look very happy / Photo from the mail of russian terrorist

Nevertheless, he substituted European doctors with the expensive ones from Dubai.

In order not to have problems with payments abroad (because Russian banks were cut off from SWIFT due to sanctions), Bagdasarov opened accounts for the whole family in the Armenian Ardishinbank.

Correspondence with managers of Ardishinbank regarding customer service from Russia / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

How to pay all the fees and when will my card be ready?

Application for opening accounts, a debit card, as well as details of a transfer from the Russian Federation are attached.

What's more, the service of the bank, which agreed to open accounts for the representative of the terrorist country, was so cool that even plastic cards were delivered by courier to Moscow for the entire Bagdasarov family.

Another proof that Bagdasarov is a client of an Armenian bank / A screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

Translation from the document:

Your card is ready, please indicate the address for delivery, as well as the contact phone number by which the courier can contact you, the card will be delivered within 3-10 business days.

It also becomes clear from Bagdasarov's correspondence that he has accounts in a related business of the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank. Which never left the russian market, but instead received billions of bloody dollars, as it turned out to be almost the only financial institution capable of sending money abroad through SWIFT. By these means they sponsored the terrorism of Russia.

And although there is no direct evidence that Bagdasarov used the services of Raiffeisen Bank after the start of the full-scale invasion, on September 2, 2022, he sent the card data of his family in "Ardyshinbank" to the mail

Correspondence with managers of Raiffeisen Bank in September 2022 / screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

No one from Bagdasarov's family is poor. His children, who live in Dubai, spend money that is simply insane by russian standards. They own real estate in the Emirates and have offshore companies in the Seychelles and beyond.

An extract from Semyon Baghdasarov's son's account in an Armenian bank / Screenshot from the mail of russian terrorist

The illegitimate daughter of Bagdasarovs’ secretary Linda Alam Eddin goes to one of the Moscow schools, and the mistress herself is completely dependent on the 68-year-old terrorist.

So, it is quite clear from the criminal's mail that he is a very influential person and one of the pillars of the russians' circumvention of sanctions. Of course, there are many such curators of spy networks in the Kremlin, but if their illegal activities are stopped, it will become increasingly difficult to find alternative options for violating Moscow's restrictions.

And for this, it is crucially important that Bagdasarov appears on the US and EU sanctions list. As well as companies from Asian and African countries at least receive some warnings from Washington for cooperation with terrorists.

Although Russia is not able to completely replace the foreign companies on its market, to obtain the necessary sanctioned goods in full, and also to earn huge sums to finance the war in the future, the sanctions circumvention mechanisms directly affect the prolongation of the war in Ukraine.

Each arrangement extends Moscow's ability to launch missiles at Kyiv, to bomb the Sumy region, or strike Kherson. Each agreement to supply spare parts for the stolen planes allows the russians to at least pretend that nothing has changed in their lives, to travel and continue to enjoy life, rather than to pressure their authorities to end the aggression. Moreover, it directly affects the increase in the costs of American and European taxpayers, since the Kremlin strengthens its power by circumventing sanctions, and allies have to spend more money to support Ukraine.

So the recipe for the victory of the entire civilized world in this war is very simple: effective restrictions along with increased military support for Kyiv.