There is the best- and worst-case scenarios in Eastern Ukraine. Military expert Oleh Zhdanov spoke about both on Channel 24.

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According to him, the worst-case scenario is the encirclement of our troops in the large (Kramatorsk) and small (Sievierodonetsk) circle.

If the invaders succeed, they will try to attack Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia in order to reach the Dnipro River and then, possibly, return to the North, to Kyiv.

The best scenario is that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will withstand and completely neutralize the offensive potential of the occupiers (as it happened near Kyiv) in all directions.

"Then it will be necessary to take a short operational pause to regroup troops and begin the third stage of the war - to prepare and conduct a counter-offensive operation," - said the military expert.