About the situation in Azovstal now

Nothing is being changed for the third month. The war continues, the guys give their lives for Ukraine and fulfill their duty to the state, to the Ukrainian people.

Read here I call on everyone to help to launch the "extraction" procedure, – defender of Mariupol

"The evacuation of civilians cost the lives of three of our servicemen"

The evacuation of civilians took place indeed. Hundreds of civilians were evacuated from Azovstal. On May 6, during the so-called ceasefire, 3 soldiers were killed and six were injured.

Are we happy that civilians were evacuated? It's definitely great, but it's joy through tears. No car entered the plant, no international organization, may it be the United Nations or the Red Cross, entered the plant. None of the negotiating politicians came to the territory of Azovstal and made sure if there were any civilians remained under the rubble. No evacuation vehicle arrived on the territory of Azovstal. No international mission worked under the rubble in Mariupol.

In what condition are the wounded soldiers? How many in total?

About 600 servicemen need qualified medical care. The situation is difficult, critical. There are not enough medicines. There is no surgical instrument. I will say this - soldiers are dying. Commander "Redis" is negotiating two evacuations - the wounded and paramedics.

He also negotiated the evacuation of civilians. He directly organized the whole process on the territory of the plant. But he also commands the defense. We are very grateful to him for that, of course.

In fact, I very much hope that the second stage, which the President spoke about, will take place as soon as possible.

What the evacuation of all defenders from Azovstal could be like?

I believe that the so-called extraction procedure should take place. This is possible logistically, by sea, through the land corridor. To the territory of Ukraine or to the territory of a third country with return to Ukraine. It is possible. There is nothing impossible. We have shown that nothing is impossible.

You know, when we are told, "Guys, hold on until March," we stick to March. Then we are told: "Hold on until the beginning of April and then something will happen, they will come to you." Nobody comes. Then they talk about late April. And nothing happens. Then they say: "Well, hold on until May, and everything will be great, we will help you." But at this time we are alone with planes, we are alone with tanks, we are alone with artillery and everything. And all this time this cohort of people is doing just impossible things.

In fact, I believe that our military deserves to be evacuated. I believe that a country which the military garrisons in Mariupol have made a great contribution to just have to make a great contribution to the military.