The President stated that the Ukrainians have withstood a full-scale invasion for 50 days, despite Russian troops planning to defeat Ukraine in little more than five days, Channel 24 reports. This is how the invaders "know Ukraine" and understand reality, according to Zelensky.

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The war began in 2014

The Ukrainian President emphasized that Russia's war against Ukraine did not begin on February 24, as the occupation forces invaded Ukraine's land in 2014.

"They seized Crimea and turned it into a massive military base. They have turned the Black and Azov Oceans into one of the world's most dangerous seas. In our Donbas, they started a horrific, endlessly cynical war. They have been murdering our people for eight years," Zelensky stated.

According to the Ukrainian President, 14,000 people have already died as a result of Russian aggression.

"How did the world react? The question remains rhetorical, but it is for this reason that the Russians thought they could afford a full-fledged war", Zelensky said.

Some countries, according to Zelensky, are still debating the severity of sanctions against Russia. He says he has no understanding of why we're still discussing this. Russia's invasion forces are recreating in Ukraine what Europe only saw during World War II.