The British-Ukrainian Aid organization, which is financed thanks to voluntary contributions, provides humanitarian aid to Ukrainians – informs Channel 24. As part of this assistance, a Mitsubishi pickup truck was provided to our military in order to evacuate the wounded. The car will go to the East, where the current situation is very difficult due to the russian offensive.

The British-Ukrainian Aid foundation from London has already handed over a hundred cars to Ukraine for humanitarian needs. And for the second time, thanks to the cooperation of the 24 Channel Foundation and British-Ukrainian Aid, Ukrainian defenders will receive a pickup truck.

Bohdan Bolonnyy, the co-founder of the British-Ukrainian Aid foundation, told Channel 24 that the Mitsubishi was purchased at an auction. This is how British-Ukrainian Aid buys a significant part of cars and then transfers them to Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldiers in the East will receive a pickup truck from Britain / Photo by Channel 24

After that, the car for the Ukrainian military was delivered to the Polish border. Other details about the car are undisclosed in the British-Ukrainian Aid fund, so that the russian occupiers could not use the information.

Ukrainian volunteer Khrystyna was eager to help the British-Ukrainian Aid fund for the first time. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the woman was helping the Defense Forces of Ukraine, as well as cooperating with other volunteers.

The British-Ukrainian Aid fund got in touch with Khrystyna through the six handshakes theory. In a comment on Channel 24, Khrystyna mentioned that she is currently engaged in the transportation of cars from Poland for our military.

Mitsubishi for Ukrainian soldiers / Photo by Channel 24

Khrystyna noted that she started buying and transferring cars to Poland at the beginning of the russian invasion. On the way to Ukraine, the Mitsubishi had minor problems with the windshield washers.

Despite such inconveniences, Khrystyna managed to get the car to Ukraine. She said that on the way back she opened the window and poured water on the glass and drove on.

Already in Ukraine, Khrystyna left the car in the service to fix other minor malfunctions. According to her, the car is quite all right. "It drives well, the engine works well," said Khrystyna.

Khrystyna and the Mitsubishi car she drove from Poland / Photo by Channel 24

The car from Britain has already gone to the front / Photo courtesy of Channel 24​

Almost a month ago, Channel 24 told the story of how the British-Ukrainian Aid fund handed over a Ford pickup truck to the Ukrainian military from the 24th Brigade. The car went to the East to help the Defense Forces with the evacuation.

A 66-year-old Ukrainian volunteer, Ihor Sternijchuk, drove the pickup truck from London to Kyiv. The British-Ukrainian Aid fund allocated funds and Mr. Sternijchuk found a car for the Ukrainian military himself and bought it from the owner.

It should be noted that quite often military vehicles do not come empty. Ukrainian volunteers in London said that they are trying to load pickup trucks with humanitarian aid.

It should be taken into consideration that a certain cooperation in the context of cars has already been established between Ukraine and Britain. The reason is that Britain drives on the left, so there is almost no demand for used British cars in Europe.

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