This was stated by US Senator Jackie Rosen from Nevada in a commentary to Guildhall.

“Recently, I joined nine of my Senate colleagues on a bipartisan Congressional delegation trip to Germany and Poland to demonstrate unity with Ukraine and our NATO allies, go through the US response to Russian aggression, and learn more about how Congress can continue to support Ukrainian people and to meet with Ukrainian refugees, seeing firsthand the heartbreaking humanitarian consequences of Vladimir Putin's unjustified war,” said the US senator.

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“My trip (to Germany and Poland - ed.) showed me that we must do more to help Ukraine protect its skies and protect its people from further violence (...). In terms of lethal aid, we need to find new and creative ways to provide Ukraine with fighters, drones, and air defenses, including Stinger missiles. We must also continue to provide Javelin anti-tank missiles and other equipment to help the Ukrainian people defend against this violent invasion,” concluded Jackie Rosen.

Earlier in the German Bundestag, CDU/CSU member Roderich Kizewetter criticized the volume of military aid to Ukraine, saying that it is necessary to grow the number of supplies. According to him, Germany supplies Ukraine with insufficient weapons, insufficient ammunition, and equipment, and does not conduct sufficient training programs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The German politician noted that such supplies of weapons, equipment, and the provision of training programs must be increased.