A man managed to save a child with a shrapnel wound to the head from occupied at that time Bucha, Kyiv region.

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Konstiantyn said that the story of Kateryna Martynenko became special for him: when he arrived in Bucha, she had oxygen left for 3 minutes.

"It was all like a nightmare, those an hour and a half we spent at the checkpoint, pointing weapons at her and saying "We're going to kill her now and you won't have to go anywhere". These were not some "Wagnerians" who saw death, these were conscripts. They laughed, shot at their feet, said "How brave you are, how brave you are?"

Now the girl has recovered, she was taken away by her grandmother.

Konstiantyn Kiastutysovych / Channel 24, Alina Turyshyn

Kostiantyn admitted that once a doctor called him and asked to come to the child. Kateryna Martynenko hugged him and said that he was her godfather.