The death of the military correspondent was also confirmed by the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak.

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Mikhail Makaruk, the friend of Chubashev, wrote on Facebook: "Oleksiy Chubashev, the author and host of the coolest media project to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A mega positive and professional journalist. An officer … A man who believed in his work and always went towards his goal. Lyokha, I will remember you forever as a decent smiling clap over a cup of coffee in the Mariinsky Park … we will liberate your Motherland in Zaporozhye… He left a wife and his little daughter and son, who was born in March…"

The last time a war correspondent posted a photo on Instagram was June 9. He signed the photo like this: "Move on. Glory to the nation."