Participants of the action plan to stand in the "Circle of Defense" around monuments, buildings, or recognizable structures in their cities as if protecting what is inside (a symbol of freedom, democracy, or liberty). This will figuratively show how at this time brave men and women of Ukraine are defending the values of the whole civilized world at the frontlines.

To the topic "Russia is a terrorist state" – Lyon protests against Russia's war

Nowadays Ukraine is the "shield of Europe" and the entire civilized world. Our state and its soldiers are waging a war against the russian aggressor and are defending not only themselves but also all of Europe, the USA, and all democratic countries from the onslaught of the invading forces of tyranny and dictatorship.

Ukrainian defenders today embody the heroism and courage of soldiers of many generations, soldiers of different countries – all those who for centuries have been defending the ideals of freedom, defending statehood, and fighting for independence.

Contemporary russia is a terrorist state, which only understands the language of force. It can be stopped only by the victory of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield in Ukraine and with the help of modern Western weapons. Hence, it is very important to keep standing and supporting Ukraine till the very victory.

On October ……, at …… (put date and time) on …… (put the location of your rally), Ukrainians, living in …… (put the name of your city) will also hold a rally, taking part in #DefendingUkraine worldwide campaign.

The organizers are inviting mass media representatives, local authorities, Ukrainians in …… (put the name of your city), as well as all the …….. (put the nationals of your country) that find themselves concerned by the Ukrainian war with russia.

The collaborators of this project are …………….