The captured Ukrainian cities may be, of course, included, because forcibly sending our people to war with the Armed Forces is a convenient tactic for the Russians.

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Russians are collecting signatures for a "referendum" on joining the Kharkiv region to the Belgorod region.

Russia's top military and political leadership has resorted to tactics of "legalizing" Ukrainian territories, which they have captured. The invaders want to do everything possible to make the deoccupation of cities impossible without heavy fights and purges.

In addition, according to Channel 24 sources from Ukrainian secret services, the Russian occupiers aim to further destabilize the region, as well as prepare for a cry of "attack on Russia" in the event of a counterattack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. As part of such tactics, the invaders are rushing to make "referendums" not only in southern Ukraine.

The Kremlin occupiers decided that the occupied territories bordering Russia can be "annexed" to its regions.

Emergency occupation plan

According to the Ukrainian secret services, in fact, the Kremlin Hitler has created a contingency plan to "legalize" the occupation of our territory. If earlier the invaders planned to create quasi-republics, now, without having control over the regional centers, it cannot be implemented.