On March 15, the woman was brutally murdered by the Russian military. She didn't have time to flee Makariv and ended up in the hands of Kadyrov's troops when they captured the village.

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"She was forced to go to a nearby residence by one of the invaders, who raped her and then savagely stabbed her. Nobody knows how long a woman was tortured for", – an advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Mr. Herashchenko wrote.

No one could come to rescue her, according to Herashchenko. The village residents were confined to the basements by the Russian troops. Those who stayed at home could not open their windows due to machine-gun fire from Putin's troops.

According to an adviser to the Interior Minister, the rapist was killed by a Russian soldier. It was reported by residents. The woman was buried in the same house's yard.