Due to a lack of central water supply and sewerage, the decomposition of thousands of corpses under the rubble, and a catastrophic shortage of drinking water and food, nearly 100,000 residents are in extreme danger.

Read here Mariupol: the military showed the consequences of the horrific bombing of the hospital

"The Russian invaders are unable to supply food, water, or medicine to the local population. Or just uninterested in it. All attempts to conduct an evacuation are rebuffed. People will be dying if this does not happen. After all, living conditions in the ruined Mariupol are now medieval. We need an immediate and complete evacuation," stated the mayor, Vadym Boychenko.

The temperature in Mariupol has already risen to +20 degrees. So impactful and deadly epidemics may soon break out in the town. Cholera, dysentery, and E. coli, to name a few.

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