Direct speech

I want the world to hear, the world to feel the horror that our fighters feel every day, being under constant air strikes, artillery, sniper sights.

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While the whole world has the opportunity to eat well, sleep on a soft bed, go to cafes and movies, our men on a tiny piece of land defend this last outpost of Mariupol, the last hope, without medicine and water supply, every day losing their brothers under terrible circumstances.

Mariupol is the heart of Ukraine and if it stops, Ukraine will be engulfed in the deepest darkness.

Our heroes do not deserve to be destroyed because of dishonest unequal battles in Mariupol, dubious decisions of the leadership, shameful actions of the enemy. Moscow wants to destroy this last piece of the soul.

Source: Channel 24

But if our government and the authorities of other countries do not find the levers of pressure and influence on Russia to evacuate everyone to the only one in Azovstal, I do not know why diplomacy and the notion of human values ​​exist at all. Why do we need these international organizations for life and peace, if they allow such tragedies?

Do everything you can to save our titans of Mariupol! The world needs living heroes. Ukraine needs them. Let's do everything for them to live.

Call on the world to put pressure on Russia, our heroes need an immediate evacuation!