A series of photos published on the Azov Regiment’s Telegram channel early this morning purport to show the squalid conditions of wounded Ukrainian defenders holed up under the Azovstal steelworks plant in besieged Mariupol.

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"The whole civilised world must see the conditions in which the wounded, crippled defenders of Mariupol are and act!

In completely unsanitary conditions, with open wounds bandaged with non-sterile remnants of bandages, without the necessary medication and even food.

We call on the UN and the Red Cross to show their humanity and reaffirm the basic principles on which you were created by rescuing wounded people who are no longer combatants.

The servicemen you see in the photo and hundreds more at the Azovstal plant defended Ukraine and the entire civilised world with serious injuries at the cost of their own health. Are Ukraine and the world community now unable to protect and take care of them?"