Before the start of the full-scale invasion, he traveled around the region for about a month and conducted civil defense classes to the public. The last one took place on February 23 at the Sedniv High School.

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"Some teachers have said that there will never be a war and that children do not need this information. The next day Sedniv was already occupied. Our nation is extraordinary. The whole country is doing everything necessary to win. There are our tanks on every street, the queues to the Territorial Defense are just endless. In a few days I saw almost all my acquaintances with weapons in their hands, even those from whom I never expected it. Women make Molotov cocktails and place them in all places convenient for throwing. Our city has turned into a real, unbreakable fortress. We (Ukraine - Channel 24) will stand”

"A lot of blood, screaming and crying"

In Chernihiv, the occupiers destroyed and damaged many schools and high-rise buildings. There is almost no private sector left around the city. The first strong shock was an air strike on the residential areas. According to the man, part of the nine-story building was destroyed, and the other one was on fire.

“Our guys were one of the first to come there and take out the wounded. There was a lot of blood, screaming and crying, there were mutilated dead and torn limbs around. Then there was a cluster bomb attack on the city center. One of the cassettes broke near a large queue of people standing to get bread. Our unit was the first to arrive and aid. Nine people died in that place”

One man, whose neck and chin were pierced by a shrapnel, choked on his own blood right in the arms of the youngest man in the unit. The guy then did not communicate with anyone for almost a day. After that, there were many more shellings and deaths of acquaintances and friends, he added.

"The occupiers did not understand how to wash inside a house"

During the "cleansing" of the surrounding villages, local residents talked about the invaders:

These are savages, they did not understand how to wash inside a house. Some did not know how the toilet works in the house. Wherever they stayed, there was rubbish and devastation. Houses were looted.

"Abandoned animals are also pain"

The whole city was crowded with frightened and hungry pets, who were trying to get closer to the people. We were very sorry about them, but people were always a priority.