The President stated that Russia was not slowing down the use of missiles against Ukraine, although it should have realized that it would be extremely difficult for it to restore its missile stockpile even in the current conditions.

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And when all loopholes are closed to avoid sanctions and new restrictions are imposed, restoring Russia's missile capabilities will be unrealistic.

"That is, Russian missile strikes lead to only one thing – missile self-demilitarization of Russia. A similar process is taking place with other Russian weapons", Zelenskyi explained.

The President of Ukraine called Russia's missile strikes strategic nonsense.

"Strikes on Lviv, Dnipro region, and any other Russian strikes mean only one thing: we, the world and history will take away much more from Russia than Russian missiles in Ukraine. Every lost life is an argument for Ukrainians and other free people, generation after generation, to perceive Russia solely as a threat", the President explained.

He added that in the East and South, the occupiers are trying to attack more deliberately. The President suggested that the Russians had become more cautious because of the fear that the Armed Forces would destroy everyone and leave no one behind.