Russia, he claims, is such a horrible country that it can promise and then seize the town (Mariupol - Channel 24) after the truce starts, assuming that an agreement will be reached.

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"Russia is capable of committing such a mean action when it comes to capturing Mariupol. That's why it's very difficult to trust them, and if we start negotiating, we need to keep it under control", - Zhdanov emphasized.

According to a military analyst, Russia has clever people, even in the General Staff of its Armed Forces. "Some people there are already saying that they need to sit down at the negotiating table and find a way out of the war against Ukraine so that the Russian army's combat capability may be maintained at least partially," Zhdanov said.

However, the analyst does not believe that this solution will suit Putin. And given how long Russia has been without a military victory on the battlefield, the Kremlin leader is unlikely to make any compromises. "At least until he reconsiders his position on Ukraine's defeat," he added.