"Casualties – including children – were receiving medical assistance throughout the night. We are currently working to clear away the debris and repair the damaged property of civilian residents," said Volodymyr Trush, Head of the Ternopil Regional Military Administration.

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Channel 24 journalists had the opportunity to contact Chortkiv residents. They said that there was an extremely strong shock wave in certain areas of the city. As a result, some houses literally smashed windows. This is also evidenced by videos that were soon released on social networks.

As for the consequences of the strike, it is known about the partial destruction of the military facility, as well as 4 houses. In total, the Russians fired 4 missiles from the Black Sea at the city.

In the morning it became known that during the night rescuers were searching for people. In particular, two children were rescued from the rubble. The operation was stopped only when they made sure that they found everyone who could be under the rubble.