Russian invaders do not abandon plans to surround Ukrainian troops in the Joint Forces Operation area. Yes, they are going to advance towards the city of Lyman to reach the northeast of Sloviansk.

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As of today, April 20, the invaders are conducting reconnaissance of possible offensive routes. They continue to prepare for the attack on Sloviansk.

"In Donetsk and Tavriia directions, the enemy is reconnoitering the routes of advance and preparing for further offensive operations in the direction of the settlement of Lyman and access to Sloviansk from the northeast", the General Staff said.

The occupiers are also reinforcing troops in these areas. The occupiers from the 90th panzer division, the 41st general army, and the 232nd jet artillery brigade of the Central Military District of Russia have already arrived there.

It will be recalled that Russians recently tried to storm Rubizhne and Sievierodonetsk. They did not succeed: 130 soldiers were wounded and those are only injured.