The girl got scared and ran home, where she recorded the famous video with blood on her face.

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"I was at the school #21 building when the explosion took place," she said in the video. "I survived." Good luck to all. I hope you are more fortunate than me. Why am I writing this story? There were just a lot of kids in that school. I don't know if they survived. Just send this video to all your Russian friends".

At that time, thousands of new subscribers joined Tania. People wrote dozens of messages: there were both words of support and threats. The latter were usually written by Russian users. They did not believe that the story was true.


Russian and Belarusian propagandists have begun to spread the story that the wound is allegedly false, the blood is unnatural, and it is simply too normal to act like this for a person who has recently experienced an explosion.

All this is a classic manipulation by propagandists. The girl shared a photo from the BBC on the second day after the explosion, which clearly shows the facial injuries that were in the video. She had a hard time surviving the explosion.

"I was calm and not scared. Just shocked. A few hours later I was hysterical. For the next two days I could neither eat nor sleep, I just cried. It was a nightmare”.

When Tania saw all the false comments about herself, she was very upset. She finds it hard to believe that many people believe this lie.