Direct speech of Olena Bila, wife of Vyacheslav – a fighter of the regiment of the defenders of Mariupol

These strong men and women deserve to be saved and live a life to the fullest, as much as it can be done after the experience. They are waiting for help and rescue as soon as possible.

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They have faith that the world will not leave them. All relatives and the military look forward to the support of world leaders and decisive actions on their part. Friends and relatives of the defenders will never be able to understand or forgive inaction and indifference of the world.

We must shout loudly, we mustn’t ignore the Azovstal issue for the sake of the defenders survival. They fight on the side of the light. And they are bright and extraordinary people. Such people need to be taken care of.

We must do everything possible and impossible to save them. These people deserve to live.

Sign the petition, talk, shout about Mariupol on your social networks, appeal to the world leaders and write official appeals to them, go to peaceful rallies. Do everything you can to save our defenders.