Dana Labinska is the mother of a wounded soldier, the defender of Mariupol Sviatoslav Syry

"I am ready to do anything to save my son. I don’t care. If I have to follow him - I will. If I have to collect a certain amount of money – I will. We have to take extreme measures, perhaps even completely absurd, but now it doesn’t matter. Now there is nothing I will not sacrifice – dwelling, health or even life," she said.

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On May 5 it was the last time Sviatoslav got in touch. Connection has always been bad there. During the whole war, we once said two sentences to each other over the phone. Usually, they communicated and sent messages through his fiancée Mariana… It wasn’t even him who sent messages, it could be one of his brothers-in-arms who told that everything is fine with my son.

"He is wounded. He has a shrapnel wound to his legs. He "received" 9 shrapnel during the second military operation, when all the defenders were taken from the port to Azovstal. When there was the first operation - everything was successful, but during the second one he got wounded. Shrapnel hasn’t been removed, because of the lack of special medical equipment . He managed to take antibiotics earlier, when there had been some. Now those who get injured don't even get antibiotics, they just don't have any," she said.

Sviat is now at Azovstal hospital. The hospital was under bombardment. "When it collapsed, my son received additional minor shrapnel wounds to the face, legs, contusion," she explained.