“What is happening in Bucha and other cities around Kyiv could be replicated on a very large scale. And so the message we're trying to send to the Kremlin is that, here's the evidence of these atrocities taking place. If you want to avoid criminal responsibility, reign in your troops,” Roth told in an interview.

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The International Criminal Court has already established an investigation into war crimes in Ukraine, but Roth stressed that “it’s urgent to move as quickly as possible” to minimize the amount of evidence lost.

“From a war crimes perspective … it’s not enough to just have a body. You need to figure out, why did that person die? In some cases, we’re getting accounts of people who were bound, who were executed. That’s a clear war crime. But if somebody was killed in crossfire, you need to look more carefully. Some of these conceivably could have been soldiers, either Ukrainian or Russia. So you really need to investigate,” he added.