Addressing EU leaders attending the European Council summit in Brussels on Monday, Zelensky called on the bloc to maintain a sense of unity in the face of Russian aggression.

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"This is time for you to become not separate but one whole. Ukraine has demonstrated why everyone has to be united. We are all working for one purpose,” he told the summit via video.

"You have managed to stop the invaders and more unity is the basis of the success. All the disputes within the European Union must stop because they give incentives for Russia to carry on," Zelensky urged EU leaders.

The Ukrainian leader stressed that although he is "grateful" for efforts being made "to advance the sixth sanction package," the bloc must push on with plans to approve the sanctions.

"Unfortunately for some reason it is still not in place. And for some reason, you are dependent on the Russian pressure. And it should be the opposite. Russia should depend on you. Why is Russia still able to earn $1 billion per day selling oil?" he asked EU leaders.